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Poll Dancing: Abyss Slogan challenge

IMG_3337  Winter Pole Dancing in PodzhigorodovoIt is time to exercise one of your most cherished rights within the democracy known as the Abyss.

It’s time to vote! And you better do it, too, or the terrorists win.

For some time the “slogan” area of this website has read: The guru of negativity – a demotivational specialist

I think the time has come for a change and I’ve come up with two worthy contenders to engage in battle. Don’t worry, I’ll still be the Guru.

So here’s a poll to finally determine a slogan for the Abyss.

If you don’t vote then you’re probably able to read that sign, eh?

With all of the Weiners and such in the news lately, it is time for something important.

Don’t let me down or I’ll be the first to say, yeah, I expected that. Oh yeah, and if you have an idea for a better slogan, bring it on.

Short Story: The Ugly Rock #BlogShorts

The Ugly Rock
by Tom B. Taker

The rock was ugly. Absurdly so. For millenia it existed in this idyllic setting.

An ant commuted nearby. The rock hated it. Flipping itself over, it landed on the ant.

This post is part of the BlogShorts challenge. June 2011 – 30 stories – 30 words – 30 days.