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Happy Birthday to the Marquis de Sade

Happy birthday, you big lug!

Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade (2 June 1740 – 2 December 1814) was a French aristocrat, revolutionary, politician, philosopher, and writer famous for his libertine sexuality and lifestyle. His works include novels, short stories, plays, dialogues, and political tracts; in his lifetime some were published under his own name, while others appeared anonymously and Sade denied being their author. He is best known for his erotic works, which combined philosophical discourse with pornography, depicting bizarre sexual fantasies with an emphasis on violence, criminality, and blasphemy against the Catholic Church. He was a proponent of extreme freedom, unrestrained by morality, religion or law.

Sade was incarcerated in various prisons and in an insane asylum for about 32 years of his life; eleven years in Paris (10 of which were spent in the Bastille) a month in Conciergerie, two years in a fortress, a year in Madelonnettes, three years in Bicêtre, a year in Sainte-Pélagie, and 13 years in the Charenton asylum. During the French Revolution he was an elected delegate to the National Convention. Many of his works were written in prison.

Is it okay to call The Marquis a renaissance man? Politics, philosophy, blasphemy against the Catholic church, writing anonymously and so much more. All I can say is, “Wow.”

Tales of the Widget Driver

In my first book, How To Destroy Your Employees, I document many effective methods for managers to be complete dicks.

Perhaps it’s time for me to start working on the updated Second Edition.

As indicated above, my new boss has this annoying habit of treating me like I’m an idiot. Oh, rich irony! He’s so dumb he doesn’t even know he’s the one who’s dumb.

I won’t bother to go into the minutia of a myriad of details. Suffice it to say he reminds you of things you already know, speaks authoritatively about everything (Cliff Clavin much?), interrupts when you speak, shuts you down when you are explaining that you do know some things yourself (and then explains them again), etc. Yada yada yada. All day long. Every single day. For the rest of your life. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s gotten to the point where I literally feel queasy just from the sound of his motherfucking voice. Continue reading →

Short Story: Beast in Show #BlogShorts

Beast in Show
by Tom B. Taker

The sofa looming above, I sprinted towards safety, Fluffy right on my heels. For naught. Feline teeth pierced my six-inch body; blackness engulfed me. The miniaturization experiment had ended.

This post is part of the BlogShorts challenge. June 2011 – 30 stories – 30 words – 30 days.

Isn't that the look of a cat that would eat you if given half a chance?