Daily Archives: May 24th, 2011

One rapturous motherfucker

Maybe this is the post that will finally get me featured on Freshly Pressed. What the hell, that’s way more likely a proposition than the Rapture being predicted by … um, WTF???

This post simply asks you to enjoy the face of the motherfucker who predicted that May 21, 2011, would be the end of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, assembled guests, heathens, saved souls, infidels, believers and non-believers alike, I am pleased to present Harold Camping:

Harold Camping counting how many times he successfully predicted events during his 189 years on planet Earth, at least according to his "calculations."

I know you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking: He looks exactly as I imagined.

Some fun-filled Camping factoids:

  • The character of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars was loosely based on Camping, but George Lucas toned down the character quite a bit, saying, “I didn’t think audiences could handle that much dark side in one place.”
  • Last year camping famously held a press conference where he claimed there was no such thing as a “separation between church and prostate.” That would turn out to be his only successful prediction and would come to be known as the “Smell My Finger Speech.” (See picture above.)
  • Despite his name, he’s never been camping.

Holy shit!

On May 23, 2011, Harold Camping issued a statement that his prophecy had been off by five months. He revised his prediction, stating that he now believes Judgment Day will come October 21, 2011 (the date he had earlier predicted for the destruction of the world).

Someone please remind me. Have I described Camping as a “motherfucker” yet in this post? If not, I really need to get on that.