Seeking investors: Ground floor opportunity (via Shouts from the Abyss)

I’m short on time, energy, ideas and skill today. That means it’s time for a reblog and a video, boys and girls!

First up, the video. I’d like to send this out as a long distance dedication. Also, the topic is somewhat fitting since I’m reblogging my own post. That has gots to be naughty.

I highly recommend this video for those of you who have good taste. It’s also a timeless classic from a masterful writer and director. I give it two hard drives up. Way the fuck up!

Next, I’ve got a new business idea percolating in my brain. I hope to share the idea with you all soon. Until then, I’m still looking for investors for the last idea. Amazingly there is still a chance to get in on that action before it’s too late. Read on before you make the biggest mistake of your life.

Don’t forget to check out my mad Photoshop skills on the logo, which I did myself! 🙂

Seeking investors: Ground floor opportunity As a self-styled “inventor” I like coming up with fresh new ideas. I’ve been thinking a lot about so-called “social media” lately and wondering, “Is there a way I can milk that cash cow, too?” What I need is a way to put my own twist of negativity on sites like Facebook and MySpace. That’s about … Read More

via Shouts from the Abyss

4 responses

  1. I wasn’t aware it was totally “legit” to reblog a blog post. It’s obvious my upbringing is restricting my creative creativity. Well, that’s just got to end. No one sucks the life juice out of me except me. Oh. Meeee. Okay. I’m bitch slapping myself right now.


    1. It isn’t even remotely legit. It’s bad form, Mr. Smee. I’d avoid anyone who even attempts it.


  2. I’m all about reblogging.

    Speaking ofporn, I fired upredtube (I mean to say a COWORKER did). It’s all super fast cuts of TRAILERS for payporn. Can’t get anything for free these days. Or, so the coworker said.


    1. Who is Reb and why does he like logging?

      As for that other thing, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.


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