Buggin’ Out: Our insect future

80 percent of the world eats insects. Here in the United States, most of us find that idea … unpalatable.

In a powerful video, Marcel Dicke makes a very compelling case that we may soon have no choice. If he’s right, the refrain may very well be, “Soylent Green is insects!!!”

If you find the prospect of eating insects to be less than delicious, would it help to know that you’re already eating them? Marcel says insects are in the processed foods we eat like tomato soup, peanut butter and even chocolate.

Agriculture lands are a limited finite resource. As the population of humans grows and becomes hungrier, and the amount of land available to farming animals like cows, chicken and sheep runs out, we’re going to have to adapt to survive.

Here’s a little chart I made illustrating one of the benefits Marcel says there is to eating insects.

Input vs. output

This is a very interesting video. I hope you’ll nibble on it.


5 responses

  1. We caught bags and containers full of (live) grasshoppers in 8th grade, then deepfried them. The trick is flinging them into the boiling oil fast enough that they don’t spring away.

    I ate a spider, too, but that’s cos we caught it while cooking the grasshoppers and reckoned may as well chuck him in, too.

    They tasted like grease and were extremely crunchy (more about exoskeleton than frying, methinks). I ate the most of any girl (it turned into a contest) and some boy kept eating one more than I did.

    I don’t want to eat raw insects but if I had to, I know deep fried anything is edible.


    1. I’ve eaten snails, but never bugs. At least, not voluntarily. I’ve known for years, of course, that common processed foods had lists from the FDA that specified allowable levels of insect parts. But hey, if it’s not visible, chow down, right?

      I’ve also heard that the average human eats X amount of bugs every year while they are asleep without even knowing it. Yummy. 🙂

      This post has nothing to do with wanting to eat bugs. It’s just that the guy presents a compelling case about the cold mathematical equations. He makes it seem like we’re not going to have any choice. It will be eat bugs or die.

      If true, America is going to be in for an attitude adjustment on the subject.


  2. I’m good with bugs being in my peanut butter, but when someone has to point out there is peanut butter in my bugs I’m going to starve.


    1. I feel the same way. I think if I went on Survivor and they had a food challenge, I probably wouldn’t even try. I’d just say, “Fuck it. I’ll take my chances with the tribe.” Unless I’m mistaken, though, they haven’t shown a food challenge in several seasons.

      I just wrote a byline for this post.

      “The swarm is coming. Prepare to eat it.”



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