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Zainab Salbi: Women, wartime and the dream of peace

People in the so-called real life don’t know me as the Guru. Anonymity demands that I lead a double life, much like Bruce Wayne. (Yeah, just like that!) Sometimes it’s a hassle not revealing my secret identity to people I know, especially the ones I like, but that’s just the way it has got to be.

What they do know about me is that I’m negative (no big surprise there), but also that I’m generally “stand-up funny” within small groups of people that I know fairly well. (I don’t like strangers.) They also, generally, consider me kind, caring, logical and intelligent. On the other hand, they know I’m stubborn, resistant to change, opinionated, judgmental, grumpy and generally miserable and pathetic. (I get off on being pathetic.)

I also enjoy a good political discussion. Very much so. It is hard for me to let sleeping dogs lie. So I’ll often find myself poking people who have a different point of view. “How you liking nuclear power now?” I’ll ask. “Here’s my opinions on the latest hi-jinx in Japan, goddammit.” As you might expect, this usually goes over like a lead balloon.

During one of these discussions, I took a rather strange hypothesis out for a spin. “You know,” I said, “if the world was populated by me and only clones of me, there wouldn’t be any war. At all.”

Think of it! 7 billion inhabitants of planet Earth and all of them me. What a strange notion.

It begs the question: Would I even want to live on that planet? Would it be enough to get me to cash in my ticket off this shithole? (I’m a registered volunteer for the one-way mission to Mars.)

I can honestly answer: I don’t know.

But I do know this. That planet would not have war. I’m capable of physical violence. I know that. But only if I’m pushed to my limit. (Like the time some jackass in a pickup was in the wrong, yet still turned around and pursued my wife into a parking lot. I flew out of that car the moment it came to a stop and went right at that motherfucker. Sure, he would have kicked my ass, but in the moment nothing was going to stop me from taking him on. Luckily people in a restaurant rushed out and pulled us apart.) The point is, I’m capable of it, but I have to be pushed. A lot.

And, let’s face it. If the whole planet was me, there wouldn’t be a lot of pushing. I’m very considerate of other people and their feelings. I try extremely hard not to push. In fact, most of the time, I take a lot of shit on my shoulders rather than push back. It’s my nature.

So even though I’m not sure I’d want to live on that planet, I can guarantee there would be no war. It would be missing a lot of other things, too, like killing, rape, and theft. To be completely honest, it would probably be a hungry planet, too. I’m also deathly afraid of real work, so none of me would be out in the fields growing anything to eat.

Anyway, enough about that planet. How about this one? Unfortunately this one has things like wars, killing and rape in abundance. The woman in the following video makes some excellent points about wars, gender and power. And also some staggering financial stats that really should make all of us wonder.


Alcalde and Zorro say El Finito: The A-Z Blogging Challenge

Stick a fork in me because I am done!

Done with the A-Z Blogging Challenge, that is. 🙂

When people see me a-comin’ they must quake in their boots, because the “challenges” are issued fast and furious.

Apparently there is one thing we bloggers love greatly and that is issuing a good challenge.

Overall, I found this challenge to be, well, challenging. There were times it felt restrictive, but there were also a couple of posts I really enjoyed that wouldn’t have existed if not for the challenge. The conditions of the challenge forced me to go places I probably wouldn’t have gone. So I’m glad about that.

By participating in the A-Z Challenge, I also picked up some traffic and new friends I wouldn’t have otherwise. I love making new friends and checking out their blogs.

Challenge accepted! Challenge conquered. Overall I’m fairly happy with how I did. I only really cheated one time. Come on! What does Donald Trump have to do with the letter “K,” eh???

My next challenge will be to avoid any and all challenges, at least until June 1, 2011, when the BlogShorts June 2011 Challenge starts! Aeeeiiiieeee!

It’s 30 stories with 30 words in 30 days. I challenge you participate! 🙂

Here’s a list of my post titles from the challenge. I’m not going to link them all. If you want to explore my challenge posts, please use this link.

A – An Alphabetic Assassination Attempt
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C – The Curious Case of Computers and a Curse
D – The Most Holy Depressional
E – Energetic energy extrapolations
F – Fantastical, farcical fables of fetal fatality freedoms
G – Goodness gracious, great galls of gyre!
H – Happiness Hypochondria
I – Intellectual intercourse interruption
J – Job-related Jeopardy jollies
K – Killjoy the kill shot (self-inflicted)
L – The 7 Loathe Languages for Lost Lovers
M – Mitt the Mormon
N – The Neon Ninja of Naked Negativity Nirvana
O – Overvalued: Oh oligarchy, oh obligations!
P – The pursuit of a position in the profession of plane procedures
Q – Quest for the quirky queen of Quackery
R – Hyppo and Critter: You say you want a Revolution
S – Sophie Scholl
T – Theoretical thoughts of theological tsunami truths
U – U is for Undertow
V – V is for Vexting
W – W is for Wall
X – Case studies from the X-Files
Y – Yesterdays and Yesteryears
Z – Zoology 101