Nuclear Crisis in Japan: This is a science experiment

This guy makes most of the points I tried to make in a previous post, only he uses words and intelligence. I think you’ll find him much more informative.

4 responses

  1. I loved Politically Incorrect (almost the same show but cheaper budget, on network tv). I miss Maher. I don’t agree with him on everything but I love that he *does* ask good questions–and has for years.


    1. He’s damn funny, often right, and I’m frequently amazed at his ability to ad-lib. I don’t agree with him on everything, either, but he makes a lot of damn good points.


  2. I’d watch the entire segment but, as you know, my wi-fi is lacking. But it was nice to finally see what you look like! Dig the hair, man.


    1. Hehe. Well, I have to be honest and say that guy is not me. He’s a lot better looking. And smart. And articulate.

      But he was making a lot of my points for me and better than I ever could.

      It’s always refreshing to find someone like that who agrees with you after others have gone out of their way to call you wrong and stupid. There are always at least two ways to look at things. I can’t always be wrong, can I?


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