Daily Archives: April 10th, 2011

Winners get the Creative Blog Award

Oh crap. 🙂

Ye olde humble blog has been recognized with another award. This time it’s the Creative Blog Award and was thoughtfully issued by Deirdra Coppel from Knightess.com.

Since it is now obvious that her judgment must be seriously impaired, as evidenced by the aforementioned award, I urge everyone to visit her wonderful site. It’s a “story book world” filled with dungeons, dragons, sword fighting, heroes, and a handsome prince.

For some reason, she doesn’t mention a princess, but we all know that’s the most important part of any real kingdom.

Perhaps it was my “story book” posting about my time spent In the Service of the King that caught her eye? Yes, that must be it. That post tells the tale of a strapping young lad on a quest to lay a feast on the King’s table. It’s a heartwarming story about how the world works. A perfect post for a story book land, methinks.

That post, incidentally, was also the first time I ever proudly introduced the coat of arms for the noble family line of the House of Gristle. And, according to Ancestry.com, my last name literally translates to “servant.” Isn’t that fitting?

Hmm. I’m not so sure. Was it my fable about the King’s table or my family coat of arms that won me this award? Either way, I offer a most humble and heartfelt thanks.

I urge everyone to check out Deirdra’s story book world. It seems very much like a fascinating place. I’ll even consider relocating there permanently, but only if there is someone suitable for me to serve. Perhaps there will be a slothful, gluttonous, and greedy merchant who peddles his wares on the internet just for me?

Long live the King! Without him the servant is nothing. (And thanks for the award!)

A recent knight of pawnography

Wouldn’t you prefer a nice game of Global Thermonuclear War?

Later. Let’s play chess.

Here’s a little post for all you chess buffs out there. It’s an annotated record of an enjoyable game I recently played. Consider it a rare glimpse into the way I think. Even if you’re not a chess geek, hopefully you’ll still find this post interesting. I’ll try to dumb it down a little so most of you will hopefully be able to follow along.

Let’s play!

Tom B. Taker (white) vs. IBM’s* Pompous Purple (black)
Game One

1. e5
White starts the game and immediately threatens a clever “book” opening

Holy shit, apparently he’s read that book

2. Nf3
Here I magically “jump” other pieces to intimidate my opponent (but I was hoping to spring that surprise later)

Damn, he hasn’t pooped his pants yet

3. Nc3
Reap the whirlwind, sucker – you can’t even begin to imagine all of the L-shaped possibilities now

Crap, I’m seriously outmatched – this bastard came ready to play

White resigns

Mark my words, there will be a rematch. Revenge will be mine! We’ll see how he deals with the Abyssian Offense. That’s my own personal gambit based on body odor, although it usually works best against human opponents in very tight quarters.

* IBM stands for Itty Bitty Machines. Not affiliated with International Business Machines (IBM) Corp.

Chess diagram images were created using the Chess Diagram Generator.