blogging bear

Blogging every day can be a bear.

To blog every single day takes considerable effort. And just a bit of planning.

I find that maintaining a regular routine is helpful. Establishing a rhythm and maintaining it is very helpful to meeting a post-every-day objective.

My normal routine is to always write at least one day in advance. So if I write a post in the morning before work, that post will be scheduled for five minutes after UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) so that the post will have the correct date. For me, that’s 4:05pm or 5:05pm depending on if daylight savings time is in effect or not.

So, by knocking out a post and scheduling it, I’ve effectively taken care of tomorrow’s post. That’s a good feeling. You’ve given yourself a bit of a cushion and you can adapt a bit if something unexpected takes you away from your normal writing time.

If you’re going on vacation and won’t have access to a computer, you need to kick it up a notch and have enough posts queued. So far the WordPress scheduling feature hasn’t let me down.

What sucks is when you get knocked off that routine. I’ve been really sick with phlegmitis for far too long. (Tomorrow will be officially two weeks.) And I was out of town two weeks ago and was one post behind on auto-scheduling for the vacation. So I got behind on my blogging rhythm and I’ve been behind ever since.

Now when I sit down to write a post in the morning, I’m writing for the current day. If I somehow don’t get it done before I leave for work, then I’m screwed because I won’t be home before WordPress rolls over to a new date. And that will mean I missed a day. It’s now or never. That adds a bit of pressure.

When I’m on my routine the days seem to fly by. When I’m off my routine I find myself worrying about how and when I’ll write my next post and everything feels off-kilter.

Hopefully I’ll feel better soon, get an unexpected chunk of free time, and maybe even enough energy to get back on my game. It could happen.

What are your blogging goals and what methods do you use to help you get there? What works for you?

10 responses

  1. Unabridged Girl | Reply

    I admire that you can blog every single day. I really want to do so, and I need to try harder – make a goal. LoL


    1. To be admired in any way by the likes of you is almost enough to make me pass out. It’s not that hard, really. It just takes dedication and a bit of time. Having absolutely no life is definitely a big help, though.

      Of course, successfully blogging every single day doesn’t make one a good writer or interesting in any way.


  2. I guess now that I really think about it I have a routine. After the kids are on the bus, I sit down with my coffee and write my post for the day. For the most part I do post every morning with the exception of weekends and if I have a busy morning planned. If I can’t get it done in the morning I try to find a moment in the afternoon to knock one out.


    1. That sounds eminently reasonable. I think if you are serious about blogging every day a routine of some sort is vital. Unless you have oodles of free time, and who has that?


  3. Hope you do feel better soon. I saw a light yesterday when my breathing “just cleared up.” Sadly, the phlegm was at it again last night and we’re super humid today (asthma HATES that), so I’m wheezing just sitting here…grr

    I frequently use the schedule option here and on Posterous (my entire vlog was done a month in advance).


    1. This is by far the longest I’ve ever been sick. It sucks.

      Scheduling in advance is great. WordPress mostly does a good job. In one instance, though, it failed to fire. And in another it recently somehow double-posted. So it’s not perfect.


  4. I only post twice a week and that’s too much. Every day is insane. I don’t know how anyone does that with any reasonable quality.


    1. Exactly. Well said! 🙂

      I had to give up on quality a long time ago.


      1. As I am compelled to type LOL any time I actually do it, I LOL’ed at your reply.

        That said, I hope you are feeling better soon. I’m honestly not sure where the pressure to pose daily comes from, but I understand that many people feel it. Please don’t keep yourself sick by keepng to this schedule. We’ll be here when you are fully recovered.

        I lost my subscription again. I was away from my computer for a few days and didn’t realize you weren’t posting, but something didn’t seem right that so many days went by and you were silent. I’ve resubscribed …again.

        I’m actually thinking of setting a goal of writing less and getting back into the real world more. I wonder if that will work.


  5. Thank you for the tips, I’m going to need them this month! 🙂


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