Let us write some Bible

@SNIPER_05-061223-N-1328C-253I’m over a year late on my coverage of this story. Sorry. I just heard about it for the first time.

This is a story that originally broke in Jan. 2010. It’s about a defense contractor that makes rifle scopes used by U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with references to Bible verses stamped on the scopes. (Disclosure: Wikipedia reports that the company has since discontinued the practice.)

Chapter 4, verse 6 of the Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians reads: “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”

So take that, scumbags! We fight on behalf of Jesus Christ. We are holy soldiers.

[The] verse is rendered on tiny letters on the the scopes, made by Wixom, Michigan-based Trijicon, as “2COR4:6” referring to chapter 4, verse 6 of the Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. Source.

The defense contractor, Trijicon, “has a $660 million multi-year contract to provide up to 800,000 sights to the Marine Corps, and additional contracts to provide sights to the U.S. Army,” ABC News reported.

According to Wikipedia, Trijicon is one of the “Top 100 Contractors Report on the Federal Procurement Data System lists the top one hundred defense contractors by sales to the United States military.”

Trijicon also likes their religious beliefs. I found this on their official web site this morning:

We believe that America is great when its people are good. This goodness has been based on biblical standards throughout our history and we will strive to follow those morals.

Seriously. Who dares to claim the lines between church and state and religion and our military are blurred. Ridiculous!

Trijicon is an American company, based in Wixom, Michigan, that manufactures and distributes optical sighting devices for firearms, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. They specialize in self-luminous optics and night sights, mainly using the slightly radioactive isotope tritium, light-gathering fiber optics, and batteries. Source.

We make shit that kills people. Praise the Lord!

Long story short, I figured that stuff about “light” was way too tame for a company like Trijicon. We’re talking about exploding someone’s fucking skull with a bullet from 600 to 1,000 yards away. (That’s more than one-third of a mile.) I think we can do better. That’s when I had my idea: A Trijicon biblical writing contest!

“Light upon my scope, oh Lord, grant me the strength for my aim to be steady and true, to smite and vaporize the head of my enemy, in your name.”

“Blessed are the children that spake the Lord’s name with itchy trigger finger, that they shall deliver death unto He most high and behold His kingdom and glory.”

How are your writing skills? Can you improve on these and come up with some of your own? It’s not every day you get to update the Bible!

8 responses

  1. I can’t get over the fact that their company name reminds me of Trojan and I keep thinking of condoms with Biblical verses and then I get freaked out.


    1. I’m at work, so I must be brief, but I do love the idea of Biblical condoms.

      Genesis 1:8:
      “And God called the firmament Heaven.”

      Firmament. Heh. 🙂


      1. You know your Scripture!…and your mind is in the gutter. You’d make a good Xtian!


  2. Lord, this man, who knoweth not I am even here, is different in your sight.
    We’re both men, I’m told only one is right
    In your name I will make him say goodnight.
    Before I do, are we sure that’s right?


    1. Holy fuckin’ A! You win. 🙂


  3. Thanks, madante. I do try.

    Let us now read from The Book of Revelation 9:1:

    The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss.

    Let us not try to read too much into that one!


  4. Thanks for enlightening me. You are a year late in covering this little tidbit of info — I’m a year late in discovering it. Are you kidding me? And here I’ve been sitting back, smugly criticizing the holy warriors of the other side. How little did I know…. 😦


    1. The United States military officially takes no position on religion. But unofficially it is very much a religious organization, in my opinion. It is very much “God and Country” wrapped up into one.

      When I was in basic training in the Army, on Sundays you were given a choice: Go to church or do extra work. Given those choices most of the guys opted for church. I don’t recall ever seeing the inside of a church, so I must have opted for the extra work.


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