Me love you oolong time

tea time!Iced tea became my #1 beverage of choice after I recently gave up carbonated soft drinks and soda. Or, as I commonly refer to it, “liquid candy.”

In the mornings, after I also gave up coffee, hot tea moved to the top of the list.

Each of those, iced tea and hot tea, both had something else in common, though. And that was my old nemesis granulated sugar.

When sugar got kicked to the curb, that was a major game changer.

Sure, it’s easy to give up soda when you’re poppin’ two tablespoons of sugar into your iced tea. And a basic cup of hot tea in the mornings made from a generic tea bag isn’t super-critical when you’ve had a lifelong love affair with sugar and rely on it to fight any bitterness in your brewing technique.

Now I almost never drink iced tea, although occasionally with a bit of lemon it can be quite good if I get lucky in a restaurant.

Mornings are rougher. My hot tea without sugar is so bitter that it is often borderline undrinkable. And in the mornings I really crave a hot drink.

That’s when I learned I was doing it all wrong. So says the following video I found on my Roku and the free CHOW channel.

6 responses

  1. Wow, I’ve never been a huge fan of tea, and I always used a LOT of sugar when I did drink it. Thanks to your video, perhaps I’ll now find out what the fuss is all about!


    1. I had hot tea at a Chinese restaurant last night and it was remarkably good. So I’m going to experiment and see if I can duplicate that at home.

      Let me know how it goes!


  2. I drink milk in my hot tea. It cuts the bitterness.


    1. Hey, thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a try. About how much do you add for a single serving?


  3. I grew up drinking milky tea (we actually had “tea,” not supper daily…with tea and a small snack) and when I switched to only soy milk, it was a major change. Now, it doesn’t bother me at all.


    1. I tried the tricks in the video this morning. My wife says her tea is good. But she usually says that about anything I make. I think the fact that she didn’t make it is worth an automatic 50 bonus points. šŸ™‚

      I’ve also got a little milk in there per Catherine’s suggestion and a little honey, too.

      I have to admit, even with no sugar, this isn’t too bad. At least it doesn’t turn my face inside out. This may be a winner!


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