Daily Archives: February 25th, 2011

Aisle Hurl 4 You

Look what showed up on the Apple App Store tonight. It’s called Wedding Dash 4-Ever and it’s only $6.99!

Is there a Temptation Island mode? A plastic surgery center? A weight-loss challenge before the pre-nuptials are signed?

Your goal is to help Quinn, the “fabulous” wedding planner, handle all of the wedding “mania” and avoid disasters like Bridezilla, Groom Kong and a Food Fight. But wait, there’s also “fun conga lines.”

Hell, I’d be willing to pay another $20 for the Divorce Attorney expansion pack.

I wonder if I can drag and drop the Recycle Bin icon onto the game? I’m going to need someplace to hurl.

The app is billed as a “time management game.” Sounds like a pretty accurate description of marriage, too!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the desktop version of Hang Time!

Saving money means you live better

Walmart Adventures

The all new McGallon Latte, available at the convenient in-store McDonalds

Walmart has been in the news recently.

Walmart Sales Fall For Seventh Straight Quarter In Q4, As U.S. Stores Struggle

That’s almost two years of declining sales. Did you know that? I sure didn’t.

The store’s motto is “always low prices.” Always. That’s a powerful word. What does it mean? The dictionary says, “at all times; on all occasions.” It’s one of those words with absolute meaning. It doesn’t mean often or most of the time. It means always.

The new official motto for Walmart is “Save money. Live better.” But you’ll still find the text “Always Low Prices!” plastered all over the company’s official web site.

Save money and live better? Perhaps we should critically analyze that phrase. First, in order to “save” money in that way, you have to spend money. And that’s not saving at all. And you can’t spend your way to living better, can you? Does money mean happiness? Polls don’t bear that out. Money can’t buy you love. But that doesn’t stop companies like Walmart from offering love for sale. Continue reading →