Daily Archives: February 24th, 2011

Tiny poll dancer

I have formed an exploratory committee to examine the possibility of changing my avatar.

Exploratory. Now that’s a butt-clenching word if ever there was one. If you know what I mean. But it is the word I have chosen and quite fitting for someone like me, I think.

Avatar. Another interesting word. As I learned from James Cameron, it loosely translates to “I see you” in English.

In other words, my avatar image is how you see me. It’s a pretty big deal.

Since I’m thinking about changing my avatar, I thought I’d break out the poll feature for the first time ever and find out what my reader thinks. The poll feature can handle only one vote, right?

This post also represents my contribution to the science of bracketology in honor of “March Madness” that will soon be upon us. Look, we’re already down to the final two. The winner goes on and the loser has to suck it.

Current avatar for yours truly

Proposed avatar for yours truly

Thank you so much for voting. That is one of the greatest privileges in our democracy and even here in the Abyss.

Wheat the Thin People

snack headI think the progression of human civilization has gone a little something like this:

Stone Age ~ Copper Age ~ Bronze Age ~ Iron Age ~ Industrial Revolution ~ Atomic Age ~ Space Age ~ Information Age

But what comes after the Information Age?

I think I have figured that out. It’s the pinnacle of human achievement, at least until the Nano Age gets here.

I’m talking about, of course, the Wheat Thins Age.

Once a civilization has achieved a sufficient number of varieties of Wheat Thins, then you know they really got their shit going on. Oh, snap!

There isn’t a precise science to calculating when the Wheat Thins Age has been reached, but I think it’s about ten. Let’s see how many we can find. Continue reading →