Daily Archives: February 22nd, 2011

I got this for you

Gears for SaleHoly crap! It’s Monday morning, I’m running late on getting ready for work (shudder), and I haven’t even started tonight’s blog post yet.

It’s time for another WordPress writer’s hatchet job! šŸ™‚

Today I’m going to write about my new boss who decidedly should not be confused with my former boss. The former boss is a primetime asshole. The new boss is sweet and caring in his own way, but a bit of a nut, and still annoying as hell. But overall he’s a net “win” in my life.

My new boss is now officially codenamed Geppetto (not his real name) and I am an elf employed in his workshop. To protect our identities, I will fictionally say that our business caters to watchmakers. We sell these annoying tiny little parts like gears, springs, oscillating weights and quartz crystals, and a lot of other annoying little oddities.

The watch web site is a tiny slice of our overall business. And the boss has always hated running it. Guess what that means? Continue reading →