Bar scene signs

I’m a regular participant in the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge (WPC) 2011 over on the Flickr web site. The premise is simple: Each week Shutterboo throws out a random word and we grab our cameras and try to creatively interpret that word with our captures.

I’ll be sharing my weekly WPC photos here on the blog. Above is my take on the challenge word “sign.”

The story behind this image: There I was at the local chowder house enjoying some clams and chips with my wife. I happened to notice that from where I was sitting, I could literally see no less than seven beer signs. I held up my fingers and made an imaginary crop of the scene and thought it might make an interesting photograph, so I gave it a try. My goal was to get all the signs, including the one in the front window, and not get any of the patrons at the bar. Due to experience, I knew to ask permission before starting to shoot. The waitress said no problem, then together we approached the people at the bar to let them know that I’d be pointing my camera in their direction but they would not be in the shot. Not only didn’t they mind, they demanded to be in the shot! I guess alcohol is a bit of a game-changer when it comes to that.

In the end, however, I kept my word and sacrificed the window sign in the final crop. This picture didn’t turn out quite like I hoped but that’s the story of how it came to be.


Shutterboo’s Weekly Photo Challenge (WPC) 2011
Shutterboo’s Blog

2 responses

  1. Your kind of place, eh?

    I don’t like beer but that’s a great capture!


    1. I didn’t have beer, either. At least not that night. And, since then, I found two cooler signs. Such is the dangerous game we play when we choose to participate in the WPC Shutterboo Edition. It doesn’t do much good to find the cool signs after the week has closed!

      I may still shoot them and post them soon. They’re kind of funny. 🙂

      Thanks for the nice comment!


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