That’s sick, man

The message is clear. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) want you to “Stay Home!” when you’re not feeling well. They want you to call in sick.

Too bad, so sad!!!

I don’t want to overstate this, but I am literally a modern day super hero. I am Vector Man. My special powers activate the moment I start feeling ill.

vector: an organism (as an insect) that transmits a pathogen

I know, calling me an insect is quite the over-compliment but I’ll take what I can get.

It’s been at least six years since I last called in sick. And probably a lot longer than that. Unfortunately that’s just about as far as my memory works. I do know this: I’ve been at my current job about 4 months and haven’t called in once. And my previous job was 5-1/2 years and I never called in sick, either. I’ve got quite the streak going.

The problem? Staying home to protect the health of other people costs me money. I haven’t had sick pay since 2001. I also haven’t had health insurance since then, either.

The CDC seems to have the opinion that if people stayed home when they got sick that would be beneficial to society as a whole. Or some such shit like that. Whatever. I don’t live in that world.

Random Factoid

Interestingly, if a cell is infected with two different flu viruses (such as H1N1 and H2N2) then the virus genetic material can be rearranged in the cell so that the released viruses include mixes like H1N2 and H2N1 surface molecules.

Source: Flu Terminology 101

This is what I call the double-whammy reverse incentive. I can’t afford to call in sick and I can’t afford to see a doctor. So I just work through it. Germ powers activate!

Saturday, out of the blue, my snotbubbles kicked on. Think of my snotbubbles as similar to Spider Man’s “spidey sense.” So I knew that Vector Man’s super powers were about to power up. That night a cold and/or flu thing came down on me like a ton of bricks. That was one hellacious night and when I woke up my body was feeling like it had tumbled all the way down Mount Everest. Every part of me was sore!

Sunday night was more of the same. When I woke up I was dead man walking. My wife told me to stay home from work. “Ha!” I scoffed in her face. “Vector Man has never failed to perform when needed.” So I dragged my sorry ass in to work and, for once, was successful at keeping my damn trap shut. (Which is, by the way, my #1 goal every time I go to work.) It was a busy weekend and I had a lot of ecommerce orders to ship. I worked half a day, got all my orders out, then asked to go home where I tried and failed to take a nap.

The thing is, and I learned this recently when on jury duty, when I’m not in the office no one does my job! Literally. When I came back to work every single order that had come in for three days was sitting there waiting for me. That really cracks me up! Think the customer is important? Think again!

It works like this: When the boss is there and you are there, the boss will ride your ass hard to make sure those orders go out. It doesn’t matter if they came in at 3pm. They will be going out today. Period. Even if you have to make a special trip to the goddamned post office. But, if the boss is there and you are not, suddenly that shit flies right out the window. Suddenly it’s perfectly fine and dandy for those orders to sit. For days. The message is loud and clear: Fuck the customer if anyone other than Vector Man has to get off their ass and do some actual work.

So yeah, today I will be hauling my ass into work one more time. Even though last night more than lived up to all of my wildest expectations. I’ll be working because no matter how sick I get, Vector Man has a responsibility to his fellow man.

Vector Man action figure includes Snotbubble (TM) fluid kit, Triple-Sneeze action (TM), Projectile Vomit Pack (TM) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome plug-in with motorized performance and temperature-sensitive paint. Odor Paks sold separately.

Thank God that Toy Biz v. United States determined that action figures are “toys” and not “dolls.” It wouldn’t be quite as macho to be a doll.

For more reading see Can’t call in sick scenarios.

10 responses

  1. Feel better, big guy!


    1. Aw, thanks. I’m feeling a bit better today. Also, this is my first comment on my new computer. Yeah! (cough cough) So I got that going for me.


  2. Snot Bubble dolls would be so cool. And as long as the snot was the right manly colour then it wouldn’t matter if they were called dolls. Sucks that you don’t get sick pay but perhaps you’re doing your bit for the human race anyway. Spreading germs around kills off the weakest and strengthens the resistance of the rest of the species. Doesn’t it? It doesn’t? Then me going to the mall with bubonic plague wasn;t such an altruistic thing after all. Darn it!


    1. I thought the action figure was a stroke of genius. 🙂

      Yeah, I think you’re right. I’m just doing my part. That’s also why I also use anti-bacterial hand soap. I’m trying to help create that super virus.


  3. I have two walking vectors in my house. They transmit disease at an alarming rate, and keep my immune system running like a gerbil on a wheel.


    1. I have to admit. Inside the house leaves one with few options. Perhaps we should all maintain a quarantine house where we can store the sickies?


  4. I get 10 hours of sick time a year and I never use any of it. I wish I could sell that time to people who get sick (or have to stay home because their kids are sick).
    Hope you feel better soon!


    1. 10 hours? Wow. That seems like such an immense treasure trove to me! You’re rich! 🙂

      Thanks! I am feeling better and even slept somewhat better last night. The snotbubbles are gone. All I’m left with is this intense rattle in my chest. Such a horrible feeling.

      It is the year 2011. You think by now we’d have the technology to control congestion and stuff. I’m beginning to think the nose is yet more proof that God doesn’t exist.


  5. Well, thank Bob that the Odor Packs are sold separately at least! If only that were true for all action figures, like the “Hungover Hannah”, and the “Fresh from the Farm Fred” action figures. We’ve had both customers in at our office. Enclosed offices with these action figures could qualify as toxic spills.



    1. Ah, yes. The customers who like to intrude on your sense of smell in addition to everything else. Aren’t they great?

      I still get excited when I think about one particular customer who left our shop, must have been over 6 or 7 years ago. As soon as they walked out the front door I ran and grabbed the Lysol and sprayed the physical space where they had been. While I was doing this they walked back in for some reason!

      Ha! Good times!


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