Daily Archives: February 7th, 2011

Live blogging the Super Bowl

Motivated by Blurt, I decided to do some “live blogging” on Super Bowl Sunday.

8:25am – Happy Super Bowl Day everyone. I hear spousal abuse spikes on this day so I’m a bit fearful for my safety.

2:49pm – I think they should just call it The Bowl. The word “Super” can be added after, but only if deserved. #premature

3:05pm – The Super Bowl gave away my seat and all I got was this lousy tshirt. Hike! #nfl #superbowl #snafu

3:07pm – Breaking news: Super Bowl overbooked. Not enough plastic lawn chairs for all fans. Some will be bumped to the next flight. #nfl #fail

3:31pm – Good Super Bowl so far. I cried eight times before the coin toss and even saw Obama once. It’s a Super Bowl miracle! God bless us every one!

3:32pm – Every live tweet during the Super Bowl I burn three calories getting up from the sofa and walking to my computer and back. #exercise

5:19pm – Aliens picked up Super Bowl half-time video and rightly concluded that our civilization has reached an IQ low enough to justify invasion.

At this point I was too encumbered with an eight-pound plate of nachos and I never made it to the computer again.

This was the first NFL game I watched all year, and I didn’t know most of the players. I have heard of Ben Roethlisberger, however, and thus rooted for the Green Bay Packers. This is the same guy who, back on June 12, 2006, while riding his motorcycle and not wearing a helmet, crashed into a car and drove his head into a windshield. An accident for which he underwent seven hours of surgery to repair a broken jaw and bones in his face. He was ticketed for riding without a helmet and riding without a motorcycle license.