I’m a regular participant in the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge (WPC) 2011 over on the Flickr web site. The premise is simple: Each week Shutterboo throws out a random word and we grab our cameras and try to creatively interpret that word with our captures.

I’ll be sharing my weekly WPC photos here on the blog. Above is my take on the challenge word “colorful.”


Shutterboo’s Weekly Photo Challenge (WPC) 2011
Shutterboo’s Blog

4 responses

  1. Nice! Very…um…what’s the word….yeah, colorful comes to mind. 🙂


    1. I stumbled out of the house one early morning and that’s what I got to see. I got lucky.


  2. I really like this one!! It’s so hard to get a GOOD shot of a rainbow. It’s so vibrant!


    1. Thanks!

      The Guru of Negativity speaks about rainbows:

      You can never reach the end of a rainbow. But, at any moment in time, you could be at the end of a rainbow for someone else. Any rainbow that is willing to make me the “pot of gold” for others is a bad rainbow, indeed. What a cruel trick to play!


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