I could walk 3,000 miles

walking man tooSo. How you doin’ on those resolutions now, eh? We’re fast approaching the end of the month, or what I like to affectionately call, “Checkpoint #1.”

Reality kicked in yet?

For a lot of us, New Year’s Day packs a lot of mojo. (Or so I’ve heard. I’m not one of the “us.”) Still, sometimes I like to think big. “I’m going to be on Survivor,” I like to say quite often. It’ll never happen, of course, but what if it did? Wow. Even being the first one voted off would be one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I say “one of” the greatest things because I’m one of the lucky people who married for love. What else did I have to bring to the table?

So yeah. There I was on New Year’s Day, calculator in hand, calculating the what ifs.

I punched in some numbers. “Oh hell yeah. I’m going to walk 3,000 miles this year. Totally. That’s only 10 miles a day and that still leaves me 65 days to goof off. Not too shabby.”

My old friend Reason was no where to be found. If he was, he would have smacked me upside the head and said something like, “Hey you friggin’ obliviot. 10 miles a day? Wake up! Even if it didn’t kill you, which it totally would, at three miles an hour that’ll take you over three hours a day! You don’t have that kind of time. Duh.”

Day One. January 1, 2011. Things got off to a pretty good start. I walked about a mile. There’s nothing quite like walking to the grocery store and bringing home groceries under your own power. I’m not sure why, but that’s just so cool. “I don’t need no damn car!” Still, that was only 10 percent of my daily goal. But better than nothing, right?

OK, so Day Two wasn’t quite as good. I was too tired and sore from the previous day’s excursions and took a day of rest. And that day of rest has been extended all the way to today, about three weeks later.

Oops. Time to grab the calculator again.

10 miles a day? What was I thinking? That’s insane. Plan B is three miles a day. With about 330 days left, I can still log 1,000 miles if I push it. That might work.

The point is to have fun and revise your goal each and every month until you have something realistic and workable.

On March 1st, I’ll be doing another revision. “Okay. One mile logged so far. About 300 days left. If I can manage two miles a day, I just might make it to 500.”

On April 1st it will be one mile logged, 270 days left, and at one mile I day I just might make it to 250 miles.

I think you see where this is going, right?

fast forward to December 31, 2011 …

It’ll be early in the morning on New Year’s Eve. I’ll be holding a calculator in my hand. “Let’s see,” I’ll say. “If I can manage to walk 50 feet today, that’ll be, hmm, what? Oh yeah, the overall total for the entire year will be exactly one mile and fifty feet.”

That actually doesn’t sound quite so bad. So I got that to look forward to.

So, how are y’all doing on your New Year’s resolutions?

Music: 500 miles (get it fast before YouTube pulls the plug)

6 responses

  1. My husband! Always setting his goals so high, they are bound for failure. You forgot to add your other resolution…starting over on the vegetarian diet. So far all I’ve heard is “5 more days till I go back on meat”. I’ll be surprised if you make it that long. BTW, I heard tomorrow is the grand opening of a new Kabob joint downtown. I’m betting you’re the first in line 😉


    1. Alas, there has been a recent development you might not know yet. I have decided to remain a vegetarian. But, just like you added fish to your diet, I’m going to add only one protein, too. I’m going with chicken.

      I guess that will make me an ovo-lacto-gallus vegetarian. So don’t worry – the resolution is safe!


  2. I have to say, 2011 is going brilliantly so far and since I didn’t make any resolutions per se, I guess I’m going mighty-mighty good! Ha!


    1. Still no progress on my resolution to add a 27th letter to the alphabet, either!

      No resolutions? Brilliant. I am in awe of your powers.


  3. I don’t care for the term “resolutions.” Crazy but never liked it.

    I’m almost done with the 30daychallenge and will start it afresh in March (which has 31 days). My plan is the vlog as a sort of “response video” type of thing.

    I hate being on camera–talking. Ugh. I hate thinking about it. Since I don’t have internet at home, I reckon I’ll shoot it at home, probably a few in a row (outfits will obviously be the same…maybe I should toss a jacket on over whatever I’m wearing so they’re all the same?) and then upload when I’m at a cafe or DSL at work.

    Anyhoo, my guess is I’ll have more time with the temp job being done then and this will be a perfect time to REALLY open up my mind to forward, positive motion. So, I’m gonna say I’m doing AWESOME!


    1. So the temp job is done, eh?

      I hate my voice and I hate the way I look. That makes vlogging unlikely for me. Still, I just might try it. (With my own special spin, of course.)

      Good luck with that positive motion! I think self-improvement is a good thing, so I generally don’t balk at the occasional resolution or two. It helps a lot that I also get off on depriving myself.


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