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Behind The Tweets: #SwitchTwoWordsInLyrics

It’s time for another fantastical episode of “Behind The Tweets.” Be careful not to step in anything.

Deep inside your hole there’s a soul you don’t wanna see. #SwitchTwoWordsInLyrics
As seen on Twitter

This New Year’s I hatched some lofty goals. One resolution was to memorize the words to every Elvis Presley song ever recorded. By lucky coincidence, I’m already part of the way there. Another was to invent a 27th letter of the English alphabet. I think that would blow the lid off the grammar world quite swimmingly.

And, last but not least, I wanted to invent my very own “hash tag.” Thanks to a lyrical fuck up while singing in the shower, I may have just gotten my wish. I guess it’s time to notch another achievement in my over-growing belt!

What the bloody hell is a “hash tag?” I wish I knew. It would make inventing one so much easier!

Short messages on services such as Twitter may be tagged by including one or more hash tags: words or phrases prefixed with a hash symbol (#), with multiple words concatenated.
–Source: Wikipedia


My generous contribution to the hash tag genre is #SwitchTwoWordsInLyrics. Simply put, all this means is to tweet a short snippet of song lyrics (perhaps a line or two) and do nothing except switch two words (and only two words) to give the lyrics a new twist.

As you can see in my tweet above, I applied this idea to the opening line in the song (Can’t Get My) Head Around You by The Offspring. I have to admit, I really liked the word “hole” in that context. It’s just gaping with mystery and drama.

The Challenge

I have just slapped your face with my proverbial blogging gloves. Will you accept the challenge to come up with an example of #SwitchTwoWordsInLyrics of your own? Or will you laugh in the face of this challenge and respond by continuing to post interesting things? (The chicken’s way out.)

I’ll be watching the hash tag stream with baited breath to see what you can come up with.

Don’t give up too quickly. It’s harder than it looks. I think I just got damn lucky on my first attempt. Good luck!

To get you in the mood, here is one rockin’ little ditty.