Literally shouting from the abyss

Podcast BearI know this won’t work, but I’m a glutton for punishment, so what the hell. I’m going to try it anyway just so I can watch it fail. Is it fun watching me bang my head against a wall?

Hey peeps! Check out my pods!

Yes, I am quite bummed to announce the premier episode of The Tom B. Taker Show has been published. This is an audio-only blog and will only take a few moments out of your monumentally-important day.

I guess you could say this is quite literally the first time I’ve ever actually “shouted” from the Abyss.

So clicky the little button below to listen, damn you, or you can sit on it.

The Tom B. Taker Show – Episode 1 (Live Babies)

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Tip: Hurry up and listen fast if you want a chance to get on the show before the phone lines close.

Music Credit: Thanks to Electric LarryLand for the bumper music provided under a Creative Commons license.

8 responses

  1. Wow, is that voice really you? You need your own show, just remember to be civil while shouting from the Abyss! 😉


    1. Civil? What is this word, “civil?” Is that anything like ebullient? 🙂

      Yeah, that’s me. I had a lot of wilder ideas, but most of them didn’t survive the editing process. The original show was 60 minutes long!


  2. So fun to hear your voice. But whattup with the music? Sounds a little positive to me.

    And the mic sounds great. Is that the one you wrote a blog post about? Very nice.



    1. Hey, thanks for listening. You only have 1,440 minutes a day and you wasted one on me. I feel honored.

      I originally wanted to use The Bloodhound Gang for my bumper music, but there were two problems with that plan. First, it’s copyrighted and I don’t have a license, and, more importantly, I couldn’t find the CD and apparently I never ripped it to my hard drive. Argh! As the Bloodhound guys might say, “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.”

      Instead I went with a song named “Funky Lunky Larry” from the Electric LarryLand web site that I found on the internet with a Creative Commons license, which means I’m not even breaking any rules by using it.

      No, I didn’t use a Yeti to record this … thing. My boss loaned me a USB headset with a mic so I could experiment before spending the $96.88. (Which is a monumental amount of money to me.) I still want the Yeti but I don’t know if I’ll ever pull anything like this again, so it’s probably not worth it for me.

      Another New Year’s resolution bites the dust – only this time in a good way!


  3. Erm, I’m having issues…

    I tried loading maybe 3 times, then tried refreshing the page and clicking play again. I’m getting nada.

    I’m on DSL running FF3.6.13

    It keeps saying buffering but if this is short, I don’t get why it’s a problem. Wah! Everybody gets to listen & watch stuff but me!!


    1. Apparently you have not been paying attention. You are deliberately left out of everything. First the WordPress stats email and now this.

      If you clicked the thing to listen to my podcast more than once, then I know this with certainty and every fiber of my being: You expended too much effort!

      I don’t yet know how to make my podcast visible on the Podbean index or offer a “subscribe” button. But they do give me this other page that might work better:

      Podbean: The Tom B. Taker Show

      I hope that helps!


  4. I am so proud you got poop in there. Consistency of message!


    1. It’s all part of that majestic tapestry I weave. Technically, by announcing “reincarnation and poop” in by podcast, I was doing a bit of foreshadowing in regards to a blog post that was to come later. Sometimes I plan ahead. 🙂


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