Have a heart – help me finish this song

Yes, I just got out of the shower. Apparently that is where I do all of my best work. (Usage of the word “best” in this sentence is completely arbitrary.) I’m calling this a Valentine’s Carol. Who’s still up for some caroling?

Christmas lights still up on my street
At the grocery store is a brand new treat
Better believe – it’s only six weeks away
I’m already late for Valentine’s Day!

Now I love my baby with all my heart
But it won’t matter if my wallet don’t part
Unless in the doghouse I want to stay
I better bring my game on Valentine’s Day!

Ho, ho, ho!

4 responses

  1. We all live in a…damn, someone’s taken that chorus.


    1. Amazing how five little words can totally project a song.


  2. Christmas presents still have their tags
    Jewelery and clothing still in boxes and bags
    But she’s thinking of gifts that didn’t arrive on the sleigh
    Start making your list for Valentines Day!


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