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Reviving those elephants (via Shouts from the Abyss)

Credit: Anne Stavely

There has been big, big news in the world of Elephant Revival since the last time I wrote about them.

This is an exciting time to be a E.R. fan! Here’s a quick recap of what’s new:

A new CD, Break in the Clouds, has been released since the last time I wrote about them. It is as completely awesome as their debut. You can get it (or both as a combo pack) at the online store Artifact Concepts. You can also read an online review of the new CD at Boulder Weekly.

Elephant Revival music can now be found on Pandora! We can finally make our very own Elephant Revival “stations.” (Works nicely with the Roku to fill up the house with their sound.) So far, I’ve only heard songs from the new album. I don’t think the first CD made it on Pandora. It’s also fun hearing other music that the “Music Genome Project” thinks is similar.

Elephant Revival has pledged to plant a tree for every concert ticket sold via InTicketing. So that’s pretty cool. I  bet that planting a tree never sounded so good.

From their official web site:

“Elephant Revival and In Ticketing have partnered with Trees for the Future, an organization dedicated to regenerating the earth by planting trees. This organization has been helping communities around the world plant trees through seed distribution and agroforestry training. Planting trees protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations. Elephant Revival will sponsor the planting of one tree for every ticket sold to their shows through their fan ticketing system powered by In Ticketing.”

You can listen to their music on their official web site and Pandora or buy their CDs. There is plenty of Elephant Revival to go around. I’ll be watching their tour schedule and hope to catch them live again soon. It is quite the experience.

Reviving those elephants I recently had the good fortune to get a late invite to a live concert. A couple hours before and I had no clue I was even going out. Then the wife called and said a musical group known as “Elephant Revival” was going to be playing at a local small venue. I’d never heard of them. I found their web page and it said they are in th … Read More

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