My gallant crew, good morning

Some random thoughts:

  • Regarding Survivor – Nicaragua: Did you see NaOnka’s eyebrows on the reunion show? They are the most incontrovertible proof I’ve seen to date that God doesn’t exist!
  • On the job fun: Being reminded by the boss about something trivial that I haven’t missed a single time since originally trained yet being left completely in the dark regarding super-critical information required to do my job while he’s on vacation. Then being “corrected” on the thing I was never told about in the first place. Argh!
  • Teamworking: My co-worker discovered an error in a shipment we received. She brought the error to me and said, “You’ll need to write an email to the boss about this” and proceeded to explain the whole scenario. I then asked, “Wouldn’t it be easier if you wrote the email since you’re the one who already knows about it rather than explaining it to me so I can tell him the information second  hand?” She has this habit of pushing all of her unfinished tasks on me and I’m a little fed up with it. For example, she takes calls from customers with questions. She writes it all down, brings it to me, and says, “You’ll need to call this guy back.” WTF? Of course, she was offended with my question. “I was just trying to work together as a team,” she pouted. What a load of guilt trip! “I’ll just write him the email myself,” she moaned. Geeez!

Have a great day, everyone.

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  1. I don’t watch crap tv but I just read a CRAPPY book. Ugh! I read the first 3 Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter books with great relish (indeed, read all 3 in one weekend). Everything since then has been boring or just an excuse to have weird sex scenes (heads up, boys!).

    Anyway…I have 2 friend who LOVVEEEE her (she’s a local author to boot) and they lend me her books. I feel compelled to read them but seriously haven’t liked any of them since what, 1997? Anyway, I’ve just about come to believe we ARE living in the Tribulation just from crap entertainment.

    That’s weird about the coworker unless she has some kind of aversion to “conflict resolution.” Christ knows I do…It sounds like she did everything “but” make the calls or write the email. She could be your ghost writer.


    1. Does that mean you are completely unfamiliar with NaOnka? Oh, woe is you! You have missed out on one of the finest examples of humanity.

      I try to keep condiments off my books. 🙂

      What was this crappy book? And why did it make you want to have weird sex scenes? Does that make it a good book?

      My coworker is one of those people always trying to dish off her tasks. Today was pretty bad. She kept trying to drag me into her stuff all day long. Ungh.


      1. The Na…thing? Never heard of it.

        Having sex scenes in a book doesn’t make it crappy. Having a novel that is ONLY sex scenes, isn’t a novel. My point is the series it’s a part of used to be a series of novels. The book was Flirt–I blogged about it with more detail yesterday. There’s a link to a wiki page that fills you in on the series, if interested.

        Coworker is always giving you her stuff–that’s got to get old quick!


  2. I’ve had that same kind of “ghost training”. What do you mean, I never told you about that!?! You should just KNOW it by now. You’ve been working here more than 5 minutes, right??

    Being a “team player” means saying “Do you need help with anything? I have a free moment,” NOT saying “I want you to do this for me, I don’t care if you don’t have any free time, I’M extremely busy sharpening all my pencils.”

    Now, I’m off to sharpen something.


    1. Ghost training. I like that. Tell me everything except for the critical bits. Brilliant!

      I like your definition of “team player.” Although my coworker is more like a Teem Player. Teeming with evil, that is. 🙂


  3. OMG, and here I was thinking I only worked with people who had common sense surgically removed ….sheez!!!


    1. I’m a lot like DOW Scrubbing Bubbles in that regard. I take all the shit at work – so you don’t have to!!!

      Someone’s gotta do it. It is my destiny.


  4. The “Na Thing” is in regards to Survivor, one of my favorite shows. I watch it religiously. NaOnka is a contestant who, this season, was the biggest villain, perhaps the biggest douchebag the show has ever seen. Here’s a little recap video I found about her. It’s basically all you need to know. 🙂


  5. I used to work with a gal that was really good at “delegating.” That shit got nipped in the bud fast.


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