Do you want to pet my dragon?


I just had a great idea. I’ve always wanted to write a screenplay and I think I finally have a concept unique and interesting enough to justify a treatment!

This is pretty exciting for me. If you’re willing to read on a bit, perhaps you could be kind enough to let me know if I’m on the right track.

It’ll be a movie about dragons. You may not have heard about these mythical creatures yet, but I’ll bet you will soon. If my efforts are successful it won’t be long until “dragon” is a household word.

A dragon is generally reptilian or snake-like, winged, has the ability of flight, and can breath fire. Yeah, I predict these creatures will be fascinating to unsuspecting audiences.

Although dragons can be found in the mythology of Asian cultures, they were also present in Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, too. In fact, the English word “dragon” is derived from a Greek work that means “dragon, serpent of huge size, water-snake.”

I haven’t fully worked out a plot yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll work something like this. There will be a land where dragons are hated, feared and hunted. In that land we will find out hero, most likely a young person, a criminal, or some other form of outcast from mainstream society.

This hero will, at some point, by chance, encounter a dragon. The dragon might be freshly hatched from an egg, perhaps even bonding with our hero. Or the dragon might be older. For super special drama the dragon might even be the last of his kind. (But this admittedly might be taking things too far.)

During that initial encounter things will, at first, go mostly as expected. There will be dramatic explosions of fire, courage, daring, etc. Yada yada yada. One or both of our main characters might even be injured. But at some point something unusual will happen and the two will decide not to finish each other off. One or both of them may realize that the propaganda they’ve been fed about the other just might not be true.

That’s the end of Act I.

Act II primarily deals with boring shit where the two get to learn allegedly interesting and fascinating things about the other. I won’t bore you with these details. Suffice it to say they hang out a lot, go on some mildly interesting side adventures, and, through this process, grow to become lifelong friends. Blech.

Act III is where it all comes to a head. Just when the two heroes are so close that they are about to take things to a whole new level of physicality (if you know what I mean), something tragic will happen. Suddenly the two will have to drop all of their fun frolicking because they’ll be in a world of shit. Some big bad guy will be doing Something Bad. Perhaps it will be a hunt for the dragon that we all now love. Or perhaps someone will be trying to take over the human’s village, stab all the people with swords, etc. Whatever the mechanism, it will arouse the audience, inducing anger and a desire for resolution.

That’s when our outcasts, the two heroes, will ride/fly in like John Wayne and save the day.

The end.

Pretty good, eh? Think I can talk Hollywood into it? My vision, if successful, will be that someday we’ll get a movie like this ever other month or so. I think the possibilities are endless for minor variations on this same theme.

I know this idea is so damn unique it’s almost mindblowing that I was even able to come up with it. I admit right now I had to resort to LSD. That really fuels the creative process.

So, that’s it. That’s the idea. Now bring on the criticisms. Don’t worry, I can take it.


12 responses

  1. Sorry, it doesn’t matter how original (or drug-enduced) your ideas are, if it wasn’t a comic book or 80’s television show first, Hollywood doesn’t want to make a movie out of it.

    Saying “rawr” is tons of fun, though.


    1. I’m convinced there are no new stories. They’ve all been told before. That’s what makes this rejection hurt especially hard. Hollywood is turning their back on a genuine new idea! RAWR.


  2. Freakin’ A! What an awesomely intense synopsis! I must see this movie immediately.


    I love dragons.

    rawr. 😉


    1. I felt so defeated I wasn’t really planning on finishing the treatment. But knowing you like dragons, well, maybe I will.

      What is it with dragons, anyway?


  3. I think the male dragon and his male rider should bump uglies at some point – perhaps you could call it ‘Brokeback Dragon’?


    1. Brilliant. You just upped the uniqueness of the story even more. Now maybe Hollywood will take interest. “I can’t quit you, dragon.”

      Ouch! Watch those scales, dammit!


  4. You might want to set it in England. I’ve never seen a movie like that where all the characters have British accents.


    1. I think we may be on to something here. Another brilliant idea. Give them British accents? Devilishly unique. Why can’t I think up shit that good?


  5. Script Frenzy(dotorg) is in what, April? I’ve FAILED on nanowrimo(dotorg) this year but usually do both each year.

    “if you know what I mean”

    That was great. I wrote something about an unhatched dragon egg once but I think it turned out to be an alien/ The Blog kind of thing. Can’t recall exactly. That’s the funniest thing about writing something…that deal about “every story has already been written” thing?

    Go for it!


    1. An alien dragon. Nice.

      So let’s see if I got this straight.

      A young boy with a British accent befriends an alien dragon with a British accent and they have a homosexual relationship.

      I like it!


  6. Seriously I’m laughing so much this morning between you and Izmak, I’m waking up to good stuff! I love starting out my morning this way.

    …and take it from me — an actual Hollywood-ite, it’ll never get made! Its too…original!



    1. You’re too kind. Thanks for the awesome compliment.

      Maybe someday someone in Hollywood will be willing to take a risk on my dragon idea. I can hope, can’t I?


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