A cool tip to improve your online writing

Here’s today’s thought-provoking tip for writing online. (This alleged “tip” is pretty much useless on typewriters and such.)

Tip: Never use the number eight followed by a right parentheses. Ever. Somewhere down the line some device or web site or widget will turn that character sequence into the “cool” smiley.

Case in point: http://broadsideblog.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/ten-ways-to-seriously-improve-your-writing/

Just look at that little bastard there, all smiling and shit, feeling oh so proud of himself! I found the unexpected presence of the cool smiling in a post about improving your writing just a little ironic. 🙂

If you must number things, use “ordered lists.” (If you are in HTML.) WordPress provides a little icon for that in their online editor. If not, then try using periods. They seem less susceptible to involuntary smiley replacements.


8 responses

  1. Bullet points are a perfectly acceptable way of organising lists. Also, bullets are what I’d like to see the originaotr of the sunglasses smiley dying in a hail of.


    1. LALZ! RAWR! You hate the inventor of the cool smiley! 🙂


  2. Don’t forget: criticism is key to success, so you’re just helping:) or 8)


    1. I didn’t mean to be critical. I honestly enjoyed the post but I did find the irony of it ironic. Or something like that. The original post was actually quite good!


  3. I guess no where in that list does it say “have another pair of eyes read your writing before submitting.”


    1. I tried that once but could never find anyone willing to look!


  4. I’ll happily take all the eyeballs coming to that post anyway. Thanks!


    1. I’m glad. This post was meant as humor, not as an insult to you. In fact, I thought it was an excellent post and I refer to it often. That’s why it crossed my mind to blog about it more than a month later. See? That’s the effect your powerful post had on me!

      I’ve seen the cool smiley surprise lots of folks, even me, so I hope you didn’t feel singled out. 🙂


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