Daily Archives: October 12th, 2010

The Brett Favre Dating Guide

OK, just a bit of fun to go along with yesterday’s post. I hope you enjoy this little doodle I created using an online generator.

I watched a video about the Favre situation. Apparently Favre would leave voice messages that said something like this. (I’m paraphrasing from memory.)  “Hey baby, I’m off practice now. Just back chillin’ in my hotel room. I’d really like to see you tonight.”

That is some seriously smooth scrambling. I mean, what woman do you know who wouldn’t get all turned on by that level of romance???

Curious, I ran those words through the translator. I was surprised by what came back. “Me Tarzan. You Jane. I will fuck you.”

You just can’t fake class.

When the woman somehow miraculously failed to show up and produce a touchdown for the aging QB, he then reportedly sent pictures of a penis to her cell phone. Why is it that men seem to think the ultimate form of seduction is sending pictures of a penis? Truly. I don’t get that.