Daily Archives: September 28th, 2010

Feeling blogged down

If I'm involved then that is an extreme overvaluation.

I love you bloggers, yo! ❤

In fact, a little too much. When I see a blog I like, I do not hesitate to pound the “Subscribe” function. I make absolutely no effort to restrain myself in any way. Me likey, me clicky.

And therein lies the problem.

I’m on blogger overload!

Call me obsessed. Say I have the blogger version of OCD. I don’t know what to do!

First, I don’t have a lot of free time in my average day. Second, I am attempting to keep up with more blogs than I can even read. How in the name of Zeus’ butthole am I going to comment on them, too?

One thing I really love doing is commenting on blogs other than my own. Seriously, I get a lot of enjoyment from that. And because I’m all blogged down, that has suffered. A lot.

I sincerely apologize. Lately I’ve been a very bad bloggy friend.

Curious about the numbers, I went and took a look. According to WordPress I currently subscribe to 52 blogs. (That wasn’t easy to figure out, either, since the Manage my Subscriptions function doesn’t count them for me.) Wow!

The goal I set for myself was to comment on most of your posts, especially the ones I found most interesting. I also review Freshly Pressed daily. And, somehow, I have impulsively made a commitment to post on my own blog … every … single … day.

I’m doomed!

So now I’m realizing that I can’t follow every WordPress blog.

Please know that if I haven’t commented on your blog for a little while it is nothing personal. I still love you. I just gotta figure out a way to get a handle on things before I blog myself up. Is there a self-help group for this sort of thing? 🙂