Props for no Eight

Don’t Stop Believing.

Today I shout with Glee! No, not the TV show.

To celebrate the legal decision against Prop 8 yours truly designed the t-shirt shown here. (Note: At no time do I make any claim that this design is clever or good.)

It’s a serious matter when the legal system overturns a vote of the people and I feel a bit sobered by that reality. A lot of people feel like celebrating, me included, but even if the legal decision is justified, striking down a vote of the people is a monumental thing to do.

The initiative process is a wonderful thing in our Republic that gives the people a direct route to lawmaking, basically an “end around” of the people who normally make our laws. Even though it is a wonderful thing, however, that doesn’t mean the will of the people is always right and/or legal. I sincerely hope the decision made today was based on solid legal grounds.

No doubt this will turn out to be one more skirmish in the overall war, but it is an encouraging sign.

Credit shouts: Tshirt image generated using the Custom TShirt Generator.

8 responses

  1. This is a good thing, a shame it has come to this being the latest of so many groups who have had to scrap to be treated equally instead of us defaulting to just giving people the respect they deserve.


    1. Someday society will be blind to sexual orientation. We have to remember, though, it has been less than five measly decades since interracial marriage was legalized. We still have much to learn.


  2. I’d buy the t-shirt!!!


    1. Let’s all get ’em and go on America’s Got Talent as a dance troupe.


  3. Have you listed this on Cafe Press yet?? We need one with a G.R.I.P.E. logo on the back, too! *snicker*


    1. Alas, no. I’m not that motivated and/or organized. 🙂

      I can imagine G.R.I.P.E. on the back of a shirt would generate a lot of questions.

      /you can deal with this or you can deal with that


      1. Nah, it’s for those lucky few that understand it.
        And why am I suddenly hearing “Weapon of Choice” in my head?? Thanks. Really. Although having Christopher Walken dance through my brain, that’s something to giggle about!


  4. Hey, Brea. I’d never seen that video before. It rocks. Thanks for prompting me to go look it up! 🙂


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