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The boss goes round and round

Circular logic - Which one is the boss?

Another quickie post because actual work is intruding on my day.

Here’s a little taste of circular logic courtesy of the boss.

Step 1 – Boss provides training on something and says, “Always do this in sequence: C, B, then A.” You feel this is a little bass ackwards but what the hell, the boss says so.

Step 2 – You follow the boss’ training for months.

Step 3 – A hairy situation develops from where you properly employed steps C, B, and A in sequence.

Step 4 – Flying fecal matter hits the spinning blades.

Step 5 – Questions are raised and fingers are pointed. “Just who in the hell did C, B, and A and what in the hell were they thinking?”

Step 6 – The CEO gets involved and agrees with you that it shouldn’t be CBA. It should be ABC. He directs you to write an email and notify all employees that things must be ABC.

Step 7 – Boss replies company-wide to the email (including the CEO of course) and says, “But of course. That’s the way I always do it. Nothing else makes sense.” Remember, this is the same boss that trained everyone to do CBA.

Step 8 – The employee who did CBA and caused the hubbub feels a little irritable. (Slight understatement here.)

M-O-O-N, that spells “bullshit,” laws yes. And I just love watching the M-O-O-N around here. Truly. I can’t believe I get paid to watch this shit.

Oops! The crack of the whip just licked my back. Time to go. Will write more laters. XOXOXO!

Before The Soup there was

Long before The Soup there was a little TV show called Talk Soup. That’s where the juggernaut we call the Soup franchise was born.

We all know Greg Kinnear hosted Talk Soup then went on to become a great big movie star. He hosted the show from 1991 through 1995.

Next came John Henson who hosted from 1995 through 1999. The Kinnear and Henson years represented the golden age of Talk Soup. Unlike Kinnear, however, Henson didn’t go on to be a famous movie star. His current gig is co-host of the “game show” known as Wipeout. (Yes, those are sarcastic air quotes.)

Some guy named Hal Sparks hosted Talk Soup from 1999 to 2000. I don’t know too much about him but I could – probably – pick him out of a police lineup if my life depended on it. Fortunately that’s not a scenario that happens too often. I think he might be one of those guy who adds “funny comments” to those VH1 shows.

Last but not least is the beautiful and multi-talented Aisha Tyler who hosted Talk Soup from 2001 through 2002. I most remember her as Ross’ girlfriend on the show Friends. (She started off as Joey’s girlfriend, though.)

Of course we all know that Talk Soup went on to become The Soup which premiered in July 2004 with host Joel McHale who went on to star in the epic paintball episode of Community. (He also appears in some other episodes in the series as well.)

And now, as Lokar likes to say, “Roll the crap.”