Hyppo and Critter: Racism

2 responses

  1. Can we please just admit that we are ALL a little bit racist, sexist, ageist any any other -ist you can think of, and then move on? It’s human nature to have a certain level of distrust towards someone who has a different cultural or ethnic background or who didn’t come from the same circumstances as you. I can’t believe that nowadays you can publicly, on television, say that you don’t like gay people and no one will bat an eye. But say anything even slightly derogotory about a race that isn’t your own and people are buring your image in the streets. Why is one type of -ism okay and another not?
    Sorry for the rant. I need to stop watching the news, it just makes me angry.
    Love Hyppo’s tea cup, by the way!


    1. Agreed , Amy. The race card has been used to trump any meaningful discussions lately.

      Here’s another scary article. We have extremists from both ends of the political spectrum (they are so far apart they meet in the middle) trying to suppress our freedom and rights.



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