Daily Archives: July 11th, 2010

An Abyss Revival

Yikes. I’m running out of time for today’s post. I’m going to take the cheap way out. Since it’s Sunday I figured what the hell, how about a little atheist religious music?

Yes, I’m an atheist. I really try not to talk about it too much, though. But I don’t shy away from it, either. And by atheist religious music I don’t mean music that celebrates atheism. I don’t know if there is such a thing. Maybe death metal. No, I simply mean religious music that this particular atheist happens to like. 🙂

Is it a bit weird that I do? My music tastes are very far ranging and eclectic, and yes, some religious stuff is included. Some, not a lot. Religion actually has quite a bit to do with who I am. I grew up in a religious home and was an altar boy at the local Episcopalian church. When I was 16 I flirted with Mormonism, mainly because I had a lot of friends who were Mormons and the local temple had the very best indoor basketball court in town. A year later I was born again.

In my early 20’s I eventually explored a bit on my own and realized that I was an atheist. It was a militant thing. It was just a realization I came to, a belief that seemed right for me. Hell, I’d love to believe in God. I mean, who wouldn’t? I don’t find the thought of dissipating into nothingness particularly appealing. Who would? Studies have even linked a belief in a higher being to having a happier life. But I don’t believe. It’s not the sort of thing that can be faked, eh? I guess I have to make do without that little boost.

Anyway, here are a couple religious songs that I particularly enjoy.

I once saw Ricky Skaggs perform this song live in a very small venue. It was festival seating and I had arrived early enough to guarantee myself a front row seat. I was about 10 feet away from him at the microphone. The announcer said that Ricky wasn’t feeling well that evening and there was some question as to whether or not he would perform. Eventually the announcer said he would, and because he was sick, asked everyone not to smoke to help his voice. (Thank God!) Ricky hit the stage and gave a performance that kicked ass. It was brilliant, and this was him sick? It far exceeded any other live performance I’d ever seen in my life. At the end, when he came out for an encore, he asked for song suggestions and someone shouted out “Little Mountain Church House,” a song I knew very well thanks to my Ricky Skaggs collection. The lights dimmed until it was only Ricky, the microphone and his guitar. He performed the song without his band. There I was, 10 feet away, and it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. To this day I consider it the closest I’ve ever been to a religious experience in my entire life.

Um, yeah, ok, here’s the song! Enjoy! 🙂