Advisory: Online eating habits

Feeling all full of myself (pun intended) after bringing Facebook safety tips to your attention recently, now I turn my ever-watchful eye to other concerns.

I was searching for an image for a possible post about “gatekeeper.” I forget why. But I do know that the picture on the left was one of the results and it sure is an attention grabber. 🙂

The image has something to do with eating healthy at holiday parties. OK, fine. I’ll go ahead and spread that bit of healthy goodness, too. The tips seem to make logical sense to me and I’m going to give them a try. After all, I need to stay at my optimal fighting weight.

I watched the video so you don’t have to. Here are the tips:

  • Instead of filling up on foods you wish you hadn’t eaten, aim for first filling up on a lot of vegetables and low-calorie dishes.
  • Put only two items on your plate at a time.
  • Try to keep on the other side of the room from the (buffet) table.

If you’re still hungry you can always go back for seconds.

If you dig on this kind of advice from the USDA then you can go get your fill at

5 responses

  1. Do you ever watch The Soup with Joel McHale on E! ? He kept popping this picture up of this cat a few times for a lot of the shows, it was pretty funny. 🙂


    1. No, I don’t watch enough TV. Back when I did I loved The Soup in all of its glorious iterations. I never saw this kitty picture before, though.


  2. Carole D'Amico | Reply

    I agree totally about putting only 2 items on your plate… long as they are desserts! My first rule is to ALWAYS hit the dessert table first. Sometimes after eating a fairly healthy dinner, you just don’t have room for dessert…… eating at least 2 desserts FIRST is a must.

    One of the rules in my house when I was growing up was “If you don’t eat all of your dinner, then you can’t have dessert.” The day I left home and was on my own, I established my own rules……one of which is EAT YOUR DESSERT FIRST!

    So, a piece of lemon meringue pie and a nice healthy slice of chocolate cake or cheesecake will help you cut down…….and besides with the genetically altered food, chemical additives, carmine coloring (which is in fact, crushed beetles…..Activia is loaded with carmine) and antibiotics in your meat, etc. it is a much healthier diet!

    Bon Appetit,


    1. I see you like to concentrate on rule #2 while ignoring rule #1. Well played!

      I’m starting to sense that you can be a bit of a miscreant. 🙂


  3. You had me at picture-of-cat-with-crossed-arms-in-front-of-spaghetti-bowl.


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