Beg, steal and borrow: A gerbil’s tale

What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine

Gerbils sure are industrious little critters.

My little point and shoot camera isn’t much but it’s all I have. My wife and I used to have two of the exact same cameras, but one was lost, along with a vacation’s worth of pictures, in a Greek restaurant in the big city. I don’t recall what I was drinking that night but it must have made me forgetful. As far as we can tell, I must have left the camera in the booth and it was never seen again. Someone out there got some crazy pictures of me at the Chinese gardens, that’s for sure!

I guess it would probably be a good idea to make a sign that says, “Hello. My name is Tom B. Taker and this is my camera. My email address is and my phone number is 555-555-5555.” I could have my picture taken holding that sign and keep it as Photo #1 on the camera for all time. Yeah, something like that would probably be a good idea. I guess that’s probably why I’ve never gotten off my ass and done it yet! Maybe we should also use a Sharpie to write my name in my underwear. Meh.

It turns out that our son, the gerbil, has a camera like ours, too. Same make but a newer model and, amazingly, it uses the exact same USB cable to download pictures into the computer.

I have these hooks in my home office where I hang my car keys. I’ve always kept the camera cable hanging on one of those hooks because I do not want to lose that puppy. We don’t have fancy things like card readers.

Even though we were careful somehow the cable still went missing. We were never sure what happened and just shrugged it off as one of those things.

We take a lot more pictures than the gerbil, so we ended up “borrowing” his camera cable. That was a few months ago.

I don’t want to go into all of the specific gerbil news of late, but suffice it to say he has been quasi-moved out of our house for about two months now. In a nutshell that means that all of his stuff is still in our home, his dead car is still in our driveway, and we see him about twice a week but only when he needs favors.

Somehow this weekend my wife ended up going through some of the gerbil’s possessions that still remained in our home. They are likely to be there until the day we die.

Suddenly I heard my wife cry out in alarm. “You are not going to believe this,” she yelled across the house.

Fearing the worst, I stayed relaxed and kept my ass glued to my chair in front of my computer as she came to me rather than the other way around. “Guess what I just found?” she asked.

She held up a camera USB cable. “This is the gerbil’s camera cable!”

I dumbly looked at her holding up the cable and then over at our camera case. Laying there, next to our camera, was the twin to that camera USB cable. A light bulb went off over my head. “That means we’ve been borrowing our own damn cable from the kid this whole damn time!!!”

She just nodded. “Yup!”

4 responses

  1. The gerbil photo cracks me up! HAHAHAHAHA
    My little gerbil that just graduated high school and thinks now that my car is his car somehow and I can just put gas in there for him anytime he needs it.

    Love the mood indicator! 🙂


  2. You’ve been duped!


  3. Reblogged this on Shouts from the Abyss and commented:

    The gerbil has been flirting with our radar lately, no in a good way, so here’s a little taste of gerbil goodness from the past. If you don’t know about this blog’s gerbil meme a link has thoughtfully been provided in the original post.


  4. That’s funny. I’m sure it was just an innocent mix-up on the gerbil’s part. Common property and all that.

    Computer, camera and phone cables might be the top category of things stolen in the First World. It’s a form of redistribution…I’ve heard many a sad tale of missing cables, etc.

    Related story: Some neighbor kids used to invite my son (who was a few years younger) over to play video games. He brought his own controller, which the older kids commandeered most of the time. One day, the father asked my young son (I was standing there) quite seriouosly why my son was always taking their controller home He assumed that since his kids were usually in possession of it, it must be theirs. I could have kicked the father. You know what? That father remains a jerk to this day.


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