Dreams can come true!

I just checked and this is confirmed. I shit you not!

As of today, right now, I own the WordPress “poop” tag! I’m so happy! I mean, just look up there and marvel at it. WordPress says that right now, I am the “featured blog” on the subject of poop! Somebody pinch me! I’ve reached the top of the heap, and I can tell you, it is good.

This is not a drill!

I’ve wanted this so bad I could taste it. It’s been a goal for so long, now that it has been achieved I’m not quite sure how to feel. Yes, it’s great, don’t get me wrong, but now what? I’ve never actually met a goal before. What is this strange feeling called? Someone, help me please! What comes next???

Don’t be a turd. Help me celebrate!

2 responses

  1. I’m envious of your creativity! Every morning and evening I dutifully follow after a dog and pick up her poop, and I never thought to write about it and tag it with poop. But I will fight my envy and toast you with a glass of toilet water! Salud!
    Congratulations! Cheers!


  2. Quietly humming Don’t Stop Believin’


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