Hyppo and Critter: The Great Oil Spill

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  1. The federal government has jurisdiction over the oil spill, like it or not. It awarded the lease, it approved the rig, it gave a safety award to the rig, and it’s in charge of dealing with BP and overseeing protecting the coast. FEMA is out of funds. Can’t the feds use some of the stimulus “slush” funds, or is that money saved for SEIU so they can protest at more homes?

    Day 68: Why isn’t the A-Whale Skimmer in the Gulf Yet?



    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I don’t get the logic. If government approves a lease then it is also responsible for damages caused by a commercial enterprise? How can that be so?

      Why should a commercial enterprise be allowed to assume risk that it isn’t responsible for? I don’t want to live on that planet!

      It is just my humble opinion that if the commercial enterprise can’t or won’t be responsible for the damages it is directly responsible for then it should never be allowed to engage in the activity in the first place. Does that make any sense at all?


      1. I’m not sure why you’re confused. I don’t mean that the commercial enterprise is not responsible for the damages, but it’s the federal government’s responsibility to oversee the commercial entity to make sure that it cleans up the damage and compensates those it harms.

        The feds are the landlords. BP and the others involved are the tenants, who trashed the place. The feds allowed this enterprise to proceed (rented the spot to BP) and supposedly regulated it when the Minerals office workers weren’t watching porn. Obama said he trusted BP to clean up the mess, but we all know how irresponsible tenants can be if you don’t make sure they patch the holes in the sheet rock and replace those broken windows.

        In the link I posted, the article discusses how a huge oil skimmer is being idled because of government red tape. That’s what I mean about the federal jurisdiction.


      2. Absolutely, it makes sense. Responsibility for our actions is lost on this generation!


  2. “If government approves a lease then it is also responsible for damages caused by a commercial enterprise? How can that be so?”

    Because they pushed out in deeper waters where containment is much more difficult. Plus the fact the POS in inhibiting clean up.


    1. I see you’ve been digesting Palin sound bites. As usual, I’m not sure if I agree.


  3. I forgot to say that Hyppo and Critter are looking mighty cute, as always.


    1. Thanks! 🙂


  4. STEYN: Obama zones out
    Search for president’s core uncovers – nothing

    What do Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal and BP have in common? Aside from the fact that they’re both Democratic Party supporters.

    Or they were. Gen. McChrystal is a liberal who voted for President Obama and banned Fox News from his headquarters TV. That may at least partly explain how he became the first U.S. general to be lost in combat while giving an interview to Rolling Stone. They’ll be studying that one in war colleges around the world for decades. The managers of BP were unable to vote for Mr. Obama, being, as we now know, the most sinister, duplicitous bunch of shifty Brits to pitch up offshore since the War of 1812. But, in their “Beyond Petroleum” marketing and beyond, they signed on to every modish nostrum of the eco-left. Their recently retired chairman, Lord John Browne, was one of the most prominent promoters of “cap-and-trade.” BP was the Democrats’ favorite oil company. It was to Mr. Obama what TotalFinaElf was to Saddam Hussein.

    Only the other day, Sen. George LeMieux of Florida attempted to rouse the president to jump-start America’s overpaid, overmanned and oversleeping federal bureaucracy and get it to do something about the oil debacle. There are 2,000 oil skimmers in the United States; weeks after the spill, only 20 of them are off the coast of Florida. Seventeen friendly nations with great expertise in the field have offered their own skimmers; the Dutch volunteered their “superskimmers.” Mr. Obama turned them all down. Raising the problem, Mr. LeMieux found the president unengaged and uninformed. “He doesn’t seem to know the situation about foreign skimmers and domestic skimmers,” the senator reported.

    He doesn’t seem to know, and he doesn’t seem to care that he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t seem to care that he doesn’t care. “It can seem that at the heart of Barack Obama’s foreign policy is no heart at all,” Richard Cohen wrote in The Washington Post last week. “For instance, it’s not clear that Obama is appalled by China’s appalling human rights record. He seems hardly stirred about continued repression in Russia. … The president seems to stand foursquare for nothing much.


    I dont expect this to go through but it does touch on al-Thuggy’s ineptness on the oil spill along with everything else. Suffice to say, Steyn doesnt give him a solid B plus.


  5. Day 68: Why isn’t the A-Whale in the Gulf yet?

    The A-Whale bills itself as the largest open-water oil skimmer in the world, and it’s at least very impressive. Originally an oil and ore tanker, the ship’s owners recently refitted the ship to do exactly the kind of work that the US so desperately needs in the Gulf of Mexico, and to do it on a vastly larger scale than current operations can handle. According to the ship’s project manager, the entire American effort in 66 days has skimmed off 600,000 barrels of oil. The ship’s owners claim that A-Whale can skim 500,000 barrels a day.

    So where is the A-Whale now? In the Gulf? Not yet. It’s on its way there after being tied to a dock in Norfolk, Virginia, and won’t be allowed to join the cleanup effort until the Coast Guard and the EPA figure out whether it meets their standards (h/t Deb Singer on Twitter):


    Why? Frigging regulation. You know, the regulation that you love so much. Now of course this I expect to go through. Unless you dont want anyone to know how inept the federal government really is.


  6. Rolling Stone article

    The Spill, The Scandal and the President — The inside story of how Obama failed to crack down on the corruption of the Bush years – and let the world’s most dangerous oil company get away with murder



  7. “I see you’ve been digesting Palin sound bites. As usual, I’m not sure if I agree.”

    I see you still are obsessed with Palin like a good little drone. You never disappoint.


    1. Once again you’ve managed to say absolutely nothing. You repeated a Palin argument and I commented on it.


  8. Catherine,

    Why would al-Thuggy crack down on BP? They were big doners and on board with his regressive Cap and Trade scam.


  9. The argument that the government is responsible because it didn’t have more oversight is diametrically opposed to the concept of being against “big government.” Like often happens, I think industry essentially wrote the rules of their own regulation and fiercely fought against anything with real teeth. The flip side of that coin is that actual enforcement, even of the watered down regs, is virtually non-existent. Enforcement is expensive.

    Taking a horrible situation that has been decades in the making, crying about big government, then blaming Obama is not logical, in my opinion.

    Palin’s argument essentially states that BP is not responsible. It’s those pesky liberals who made them do it. Isn’t that an odd message coming from someone representing the party of personal responsibility and accountability?


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