Follow-up: Gary Conklin and Crowbar Ranch

In case you missed it, go read Crowbar the Cow for a recap regarding the story of workers at a dairy farm caught beating cows with crowbars, pitchforks and metal pipes.

Ever get stuck for a new post idea on your blog? On idea is to go back and check something you’ve written about and see if you can find anything new.

Gary Conklin. That’s a name that has been stuck (no pun intended) in my mind ever since I first heard about the story involving workers at a dairy farm attacking cows with crowbars and pitchforks. Ungh. Can we go even one day without constant reminders of what we humans are capable of?

Gary Conklin. The guy is the owner of Conklin Dairy Farms, a fourth generation family owned dairy in Plain City, Ohio.

Gary Conklin. Who, as seen on video footage, personally joins in on the abuse of dairy cattle.

A fourth generation family owned dairy farm that has landed in the lap of Gary Conklin. I’m sure pa, grandpa, and great-grandpa must all be very proud of their progeny.

I went looking for an update on this story. One of Conklin’s workers who was featured in 20 hours of video and charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty. Last I heard bail for this worker, Billy Joe Gregg, age 25, had been set at $100,000. Woot!

However, Conklin himself was also seen in the footage taking an active part in the abuse of dairy cattle. I was curious. What was his status?

Well, as far as I can tell, the man himself has so far avoided animal cruelty charged. What a crock of cow pies!

It seems, however, that something stinks at Conklin Dairy Farms besides animal cruelty. Since this story broke the state of Ohio has issued a “notice of violation” against Conklin Dairy Farms after dead cows were found “improperly disposed” in a open pit in violation of state law. Ohio law requires that bovine carcasses must be buried at least four feet underground. A subsequent visit by a state inspector found that the violation had been corrected.

Our hero, Gary Conklin, had previously petitioned the state Department of Agriculture to upgrade the dairy farm’s “milk rating” from Grade B. A milk rating of Grade B in Ohio is only sufficient for milk produced at the dairy to be made into cheese. (What a lovely and comforting thought for us cheese eaters!) A milk rating of Grade A is required in order to sell milk for “human consumption.” (That’s odd. I thought humans ate cheese, too.)

In other recent developments, our other hero, Billy Joe, appeared before a judge and said he’s a wounded Iraq war veteran and that he needed to be released from jail so he could “take care of” his own animals. Oh sweet irony! And, get this, he needs to get out of jail to continue working on his degree in fucking “law enforcement.” Jesus Christ! If this guy ever qualifies to be a police officer we’re going to have to fucking nuke the whole state!

Everyone knows you don’t put the wolf in charge of the hen house!

And it doesn’t stop there. We’ve learned even more about Billy Joe. He’s seen on the video taking guns into the milk house, firing them, and also bragged about stealing M-16 guns from the U.S. Army in Iraq.

If there was ever a guy who should never be a cop this is it. My own opinion is that if you are sick enough to actually get off on that sort of treatment of animals it is only a small step up to move on to the real thing. Know what I mean?

I’m hoping and praying for a happy ending to this sordid tale. That means Billy Joe kept away from animals and humans and Gary Conklin facing criminal charges for his own incidents of animal cruelty. He’s hoping Conklin’s “business owner” card doesn’t turn into a “get out of jail free” card. Please let there be justice!

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  1. Small moan from the Abyss – them cows buried illegally on the Farm – do you suppose any of them died from head trauma or other broken body parts?
    If Mr. Conklin is SOOO responsible and concerned for the care & welfare of his cash crop, wouldn’t he have noticed the symptoms of traumatic injury to at least one of them?
    I mean, these guys (on the vid) were BRAGGIN’ on how much they really like kickin’ the sh*t outta cows and their babies.
    Donchya think at least one of those cows would have been staggering around under the weight of her injuries?
    I don’t know about a happy ENDING, but at least, with the circulation of this scandal, the Cow Girls & their Babies get a break in the violence; I find it hard to believe, after all this notariety, that the beatings would continue. Unless this farm & it’s employees are as criminally stupid as the video portrays them.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Lisa.

    I would be surprised if the beatings continued following this story breaking in the news. It’s always how people act when they think they can get away with something when you find out what really makes them tick.

    If charges are not brought directly against owner Gary Conklin it will be a travesty of justice.


  3. I pray that Billy Joe, Gary Conklin, and the other culprits of this amusing activity for them, get arrested and put in jail. But before that, let them all get pitchforked in the balls and then hit with crowbars repeatedly, just so they can identify a ,little with the pain they inflicted upon these poor innocent animals.
    Then, please let that dairy be seized and shut down and all animals given to people who will care for them humanely while they live out their life. This is why folks, I DON”T eat meat or chicken ! No animals. Most of all, my biggest dream for Billy Joe and Conklin (because he needs to take full responsibility for his workers and animals), is to have them placed in the toughest prison, where every day they’re raped and beaten and become somebody’s bitch. That will be justice. It would give them lots of time to reflect on what they’ve done- in between being butt-fucked. I am usually not this crude- but I am furious and disgusted


  4. Carole D'Amico | Reply

    The only one I applaud, for the time being, is the Minerva Cheese Factory that severed their ties with Conklin by no longer buying his “products” after the Conklin Dairy Farm abuse was exposed. However, it is just unfathomable how the state Department of Agriculture, AFTER all this was brought to light, last Friday gave the ranking of Grade A to this low-life farmer’s milk.

    Although the investigation is ongoing, Conklin also sold cattle…..I’m hoping that before this is over that he is arrested…..but I also read that he owns part of the Delaware County Bank. I think we would be hard-pressed to get one veterinarian, or business buddy, or neighboring farmer or anyone else that knows the truth to come forward because they would be driven out of town!

    As far as Gary Conklin kicking the downed cow, some veterinarian squashed that already by saying that it is a common practice to do that to startle the cow into getting back up and blah, blah, blah!!

    Let’s face it, agribusiness is going to stick up for this disgusting dairy farm owner as they’re all in it to make a buck. I just think it’s pathetic that our government has already given this man over 36 grand in federal money………and probably they’ll continue giving him money. The system sucks!

    It would shock the hell out of me if this man even gets fined $1.00! Who knows, maybe Gary Conklin’s dad, grandfather and great-grandfather treated their animals the same way. But from where I stand, evil is evil and somewhere down the line, this man will get his! It’s just not happening fast enough to suit me.

    I know our laws here in Ohio are nowhere near strict enough for cases like this and others and the only thing going for a vote now is to raise it to a 1st degree misdemeanor for the second offense and a 2nd degree misdemeanor for the first offense! In my books, it should be a felony the first time around and all animals seized…..but we live in a society nowadays where the perpetrator gets a smack on the hand and the victim (in this case, the abused animals) gets no justice whatsoever. And on top of this House Bill 55 (I believe that’s the correct number), they have snuck in all kinds of amendments and clauses that have nothing to do with these poor animals. Nothing but bureaucratic red tape……………

    Lorain, OH


  5. Carole D'Amico | Reply

    I’d also like to add that Billie Joe Gregg probably could get a job with the Lorain Police Department as, unlike most law enforcement agencies in Ohio, they will accept applicants who have a misdemeanor on their record! Good God!!

    I think that nuking the entire state might not be such a bad idea….but please let me know ahead of time so I can get out of here! I’m still collecting signatures on petitions for changing some of the animal abuse laws in this wicked, wicked State of Ohio so hold off until June 25th when they will be completed and mailed to Columbus, OH


  6. And to think, everything on that video fell under misdemeanor criminal activity. This country, our leaders, the USDA, and agribusiness have a lot to be ashamed of.


    1. Drain The Swamp.!! Every dairy farm in the country needs to be studied and drained if need be..!!! Drain the Conklin Dairy farm.! Lousy Bastarxs get away with their abuse and the authorities are just as bad because they will not stop them..sooooo we need to vote them out…..!!!!! Mercy for Animals needs to let us know who to vote out for lack of responsibility ….


  7. As far as I know, the owner Gary Conklin has still not been arrested or charged with a crime for his actions on the video.

    Apparently certain people don’t have to be held accountable for their actions.


    1. Carole D'Amico | Reply

      I did write to the Union County Prosecutor’s office and they told me that the investigation is still ongoing. I’m hoping that charges will be brought against Gary Conklin but I wouldn’t want a rope tied around my neck while I’m waiting!


      1. Good for you, Carole! Thanks for that little bit of breaking news.


  8. You know another thing that concerns me? When the furor of this dies down – when you can close your eyes without seeing that P.O.S. beating that calf in the face with his fists – when your mind does you a kindness and knocks off the sharp edges – that we will forget the black hole this video left in our collective minds.
    It’ll happen; we humans are just built that way, and sometime in the not too distant future, somewhere else, some numb nuts sonuvabitch is going to do something every bit as reprehensible & horrifying, only maybe he won’t get caught on camera.
    All we can do is stay vigilant, and hope for the best. Maybe the state of Ohio will take the well-being of their biggest money-makers – farm animals – into consideration, and start real punitive measures to ensure no animal – farm or companion – ever has to face the terror and torture these cows & their infants lived with on a daily basis.
    Every person involved in Ohio’s legislative body should have to sit and watch this video, in it’s entirety, with the Sound On.
    I hate to wax all Bunny Hugger & sh*t, but these animals provide us with sustenance & products that make life possible for the vast majority of us. We OWE them the very best of circumstances – good pasture, humane care and a life free of torture & torment. Until the last breath they take.
    It’s a very small price to pay.


  9. jennifer graupner | Reply

    We have advocates for abused children, women, etc. Their testomonies hold up in court. Where are the advocates for these animals? If those were humans being abused and tortured he would of been shut down and imprisoned immediately with no bail, pending a hearing w/ a jury. Seriously, these animals are helpless living breathing creatures, working to provide milk and freaking cheese for consumers in america and elsewhere. We can’t stand by and let this continue to happen, what is wrong w/people. They are seriouly F*#@ed in the head to do something this horrible. And the investigator who found the bodies in the pit, how deep do they investigate? Because I am sure one of the bodies had to of have looked sketchy, or at least one of the ones still alive. (Like DHS for farm animals or something) but hey, I guess money talks and b/c animals can’t speak for themselves no one gives a shit right? What’s wrong w/people. Because the cow can’t say, “no, stop, don’t hurt me” they don’t need to be punished. I am so angry (can u tell?)


  10. Carole D'Amico | Reply

    I would suggest calling, e-mailing or faxing to any of these and letting him know just how angry you are!

    Gary Conklin – Owner of Conklin Dairy Farm.

    Conklin Dairy Farms Incorporated
    12939 US Highway 42 N
    Plain City, Oh 43064



    GARY’S FAX NUMBER 614- 873-3383 Fax




  11. Carole D'Amico | Reply

    A little P.S. here to my other post.

    Remember that so far nothing much has happened to Conklin. However, if YOU send any threatening letter of any sort, something could happen to you. That’s just the way the world is nowadays. So, I would suggest emailing him and telling him off but don’t threaten anything…..other than, perhaps, boycotting any business that buys from him……because, if you have my bum f**k luck, you’d be the one with the cuffs on, not HIM!


  12. Absolutely; it will do the cows nor the people who advocate for them NO good.
    You can’t fight Evil with another Evil, the Chronicles of Riddick to the contrary.
    Buying products from folks who DON’T do business with this dairy is an excellent step forward.
    Violence or threats just makes the rest of us look bad.


  13. What gets me is that the employee gets charged but not the boss. Why is that, do you think? Does it have anything to do with money, status and power?


  14. i suffer from post traumatic stress disorder now…every single time i see a cow i have those horrible images in front of my eyes, i need to release my anger exactly the way gregg did so can somebody send him over (his boss would do it too)???


  15. Carole D'Amico | Reply

    I can’t believe it! No indictment for Conklin…..

    There never is any justice if you have a big wad of cash! Absolutely shameful!


    1. I agree with you. Shameful! I can feel the anger swelling with me.

      Kicking a cow was a good deed? Who knew? And who the hell is the prosecutor to defend Conklin’s actions? That is just whack!

      Thank you so much for keeping us updated on this important story!


  16. Carole D'Amico | Reply

    As I just posted on the NBC site below, something sure stinks in Union County and it ain’t the cow manure!!

    This just makes me heartsick……..and angry too!


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