Something new on the WordPress bar

So there I was this morning, surfing the Living Dilbert blog and minding my own business. I swear.

Suddenly a star and the word “Like” leaped out at me from the WordPress bar at the top of my browser page. (This feature seems to be context sensitive and only shows up when viewing a specific post.)

Like a monkey wanting his banana I pounded that button as fast as I could. Mmmm, banana!

Well, long story short, I didn’t get a banana. But the button did change to say, “You like this” and drops down to a menu that includes the choices “Reblog this post” and “View all posts I like.”

Looks like we have a new WordPress feature to start the month of June. Woot!

12 responses

  1. I wonder what happens if you click ‘reblog this post’ – have you tried it yet?


    1. I just did. Go marvel at the results! πŸ™‚


  2. There is a new tab on the home page (when you are logged in). It says “Posts I like” and takes you to a new page that shows the posts where you’ve clicked the “Like” button.


  3. I have to admit. I didn’t know that much about the new feature when I wrote about it. I was just trying to break the news before the official WordPress announcement, which I did! See? It pays off to hang in the Abyss.


  4. One other thing: I’m pretty sure that when you are viewing a specific post the number shown in parentheses after the “Like” button is the number of times that the current page has been liked. Pretty cool. It is a way to judge the “popularity” of the post you are reading.


  5. Cool! I think. I have to admit I hadn’t noticed this until you pointed it out. Thanks.


  6. unabridgedgirl | Reply

    Hey, that’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing, Abyss-man.


  7. So, WordPress is becoming Tumblr?


    1. I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never even heard of “Tumblr.”

      ZOMG! Another web site we need to know? πŸ™‚


      1. It’s another blogging platform, but works a little bit differently. You can “like” people’s posts as well as reblog them. Most Tumblr blogs I read tend to focus heavily on reblogging other people’s posts and adding a comment at the bottom. Also, people tend to post more often to Tumblr — sort of like Twitter with a way less restrictive character limit. I had my own Tumblr account for a while and regularly consider starting it up again, but for right now it just sits out in cyberspace at


  8. VindiKATEor. I like that. A lot. πŸ™‚


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