Happy Memorial Day

On thy grave the rain shall fall from the eyes of a mighty nation! ~Thomas William Parsons

Today, for the first time in my life, I celebrated Memorial Day weekend with a trip to a national cemetery. I admit that with no small amount of shame. I only personally knew one of the many who now rest there, and I give my appreciation to them all, those who sacrificed for our country.

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  1. I did my daily exercise today and I passed a massive service was being held at out State War Memorial in Kings Park to honor your Memorial Day. All the dignitary were out, including many old diggers in uniform. As I jogged passed the haunting Last Post was being played as the American flag flew at half mast . When I returned about an hour later the war memorial was covered in flowers.

    Lest We Forget!

    Psst Here is what our memorial looks like. It is on a hill overlooking our city …..


    1. That’s a very beautiful photograph!


  2. I’ve visited many military cemeteries, and I am moved by so many emotions. Visiting Arlington is a very wrenching experience, particularly when you think of how it was founded — to bury the Civil War dead. Overlooking the graves, is the former home of Robert E. Lee, whose property the land once belonged to Lee (Actually it belonged to Lee’s wife’s family, descendants of Martha Washington.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arlington_National_Cemetery

    I wrote a little about Lincoln roaming in another cemetery at night when he couldn’t sleep when he stayed at the Cottage. He could see or hear the burial ceremonies there, and it was heart-breaking for him.



  3. It always breaks my heart to go by military cemeteries. No matter what I think about the wars in which these men and women participated, I could never hold those wars against them – it’s horrible that they died no matter what the cause was.


  4. All those graves and more being added all the time… Rows and rows of those perfect little markers… It’s like some sort of devil’s garden. We need to remember, not once a year but every day. The madness must end.


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