You say you want a Revolution

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I couldn’t agree more. I want a Revolution, too. A Revolution kite!

What were you expecting? Politics??? 🙂

A Revolution is a four-string “stunt kite” with unique properties and abilities that are not possible with traditional one and two-string kites. The Revolution has the ability to do maneuvers like hover, fly upside down, fly in reverse direction, perform propeller-like spins and even “fly” underwater. The kite can also be “stacked” to fly multiple kites on the same lines. There is a lot you can do with a Revolution kite.

Pictured here is the Rev EXP model which is the basic model, suitable for a wide range of wind conditions, and currently offered on the company’s web site for about $209 including the lines.

The kite was introduced in 1989 and the official web site offers a limited edition 20th Anniversary edition for $350. The also offer versions suited for low wind that can even be flown indoors.

Flying is controlled with two handles with two-lines each, a top line and a bottom line. When you pick up the handles for the first time it can be a little intimidating. It is something you either grok or you don’t. It didn’t take too long for it to click for me, just a few minutes. I’ve seen it take longer for other people, sometimes much longer. I knew one person that took quite a few times out before it grokked. Once it does, though, it is intuitive and a lot of fun.

A long time ago I owned one of these. I think there were only two versions back then. Now there are lots of designs and styles including the “Masterpiece” series featuring custom designs.

If we’re going to have a Revolution then I say it should be a kite. 🙂

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3 responses

  1. That video is so cool. That kite is AWESOME. I really want one now. It’s amazing that actual people can control those big things!


    1. They are fun! They kind of turned me into a kite snob. Nothing else satisfies now. 🙂

      And no, I’m not affiliated with them in any way.


  2. Ha! Fantastic! Fun….


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