Daily Archives: May 19th, 2010

Tweeturbation and 18 Ways to Kill

I just saw someone re-tweet their own tweet. Thus I have freshly minted the word: tweeturbation.

Personally I think tweeturbation should be the 19th way to kill a Sim or at least their cat.

Big Bang to be followed by Shatner (like always)

This just in from Twitter:

CBS is moving us to Thursdays at 8PM next season. We will be followed by Sir Shatner’s new comedy. Thursday night is going to be geek heaven.

Source: Twitter – Kunal Nayyar

So the hit television show “Big Bang Theory” is moving to the Thursday 8pm time slot in CBS. I predict they will see a ratings increase. That is a hot time slot.

William Shatner previously confirmed his show in a tweet back on May 17th:

I’m on CBS this fall. I just heard so I’m passing it on to you! My best, Bill. “CBS Picks Up ‘Bleep My Dad Says'”: http://bit.ly/aLIdIf

Source: Twitter – William Shatner

The new show is called “Bleep My Dad Says” and is the first television show based on a Twitter account. The Twitter user is named Justin and can be found at shitmydaysays.

I guess we know where I’ll be on Thursday nights.

Correction: Shatner might be wrong about the name of the show. CBS says it is, “$#*! My Dad Says.” Shatner’s version is easier to spell! 🙂

Geometry that anyone with half a brain can understand

if a = b and b = c, then a = c

Is this some sort of new math?

A high school geometry teacher has been placed on paid leave and may be fired after using the example of shooting President Obama in a geometry lesson.

A student in the class described the lesson: “He was talking about angles and said, ‘If you’re in this building, you would need to take this angle to shoot the president.'” (Source.)

Think about the possibilities this opens up to finally, at long last, make word problems more interesting.

“Assume that little Johnny’s brain weighs 3 pounds. A pipe bomb is used to blow his head off, destroying 20% of brain mass. Then a chain saw is used to cut what remains exactly in half. How much brain matter remains?”

Yeah, much more interesting. Perhaps I should drop my plans to write a novel and go into mathematics textbooks instead. This might be the sign I’ve been looking for. This just might be my big break!