Survivor double elimination prediction

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This week two contestants on Survivor will be sent packing. It’s a double-elimination week. Oooooh.

Last week Amanda, the most beautiful woman to ever play the game of Survivor, was sent home. It was the follow-up to the previous week’s episode where Amanda offered her throat to her friend Parvati. Now just three original “heroes” remain: Candice, Colby and Rupert. Colby? Huh what? He’s still there? Yee-haw! I wonder if the self-described Colbster spends a lot of time in bars? He sure seems to know his shuffleboard!

My prediction: Candice is going home. This week. Why? Once you are shown to be playing a fear-based game of Waffles you lose the respect of the other players and they ditch you fast. Candice has betrayed the heroes and is too risky to the villains. I think she’s gone.

This week’s promos want us to think that Rupert is also on the line. Are they telling us in the outcome in advance – which has been known to happen from time to time? Or are they deliberately trying to lead us astray? My guess is that in addition to Candice, we’ll be seeing one of the villains go home. I think it could be Parvati or Russell, but my official guess is Russell. (I’m logging my guess now so just in case I’m right I can claim to be brilliant later on.) Bragging rights are on the line.

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  1. Ahhhh! I love the smell of justice in the morning. Or 9pm at night right after watching Survivor. 🙂

    OK, I was fifty percent right this time out. I got the important part right and I was giggling in glee at the beginning of the episode as Jerri repeated almost word-for-word the case I laid out against Candice. 🙂

    I was wrong about Russell but hey, there is no predicting immunity. But I was correct when I guess that it would be a villain. I also admit I figured Danielle was completely safe. Boy was I wrong. Is it bad that I enjoyed watching her cry? It’s always fun watching the high and mighty get knocked down a peg.


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