Daily Archives: April 24th, 2010

Don’t make me unfollow you

Alright, I get it. Twitter can be cute. Twitter can be fun. But only when, like most anything else in life, it is taken in moderation.

I like meeting new peeps online. And sometimes those peeps tweet. Like fellow WordPress bloggers. When I find one I like I do not hesitate to follow their blog. If they have one of those Twitter thingies on their blog, I’ll click it and go see what’s up. And, since I’m there, I’ll go ahead and follow them on Twitter as well.

This is where I sometimes run into a wee little snag.

Most folks I follow tweet anywhere from once a week to maybe five to ten times a day. That seems generally about the right amount to me. Slightly more important than the raw number of tweets is that they must also somehow be interesting in some way. “Forced into using the fingernail clippers to hack away on my toenails,” to me, is not a very interesting tweet.

The people that I follow generally seem to tweet “responsibly.” (For lack of a better word.) They may tweet to announce a new blog post. That seems like a pretty good idea to me, so I started doing it, too.

Sometimes you’ll see a cryptic tweet of misery, like, “That bitch did it to me again.” It seems to me that is not quite enough info. Who is the “bitch” and what, pray tell, did she do to you? Your followers want to know.

And what’s up with the word “follow?” A work like “follower” sounds a bit too much like I’m joining a cult, and frankly, I don’t know people on Twitter quite well enough for that.

According to this stats thingy I just found, I have tweeted an average of 2.5 times a day since I joined Twitter. That seems about right. Any higher and I’d probably have to hang myself.

Another site told me that the average Twitter user tweets about 4.4 times a day and has an average of 103 followers. My follower count doesn’t even begin to approach that. No “Jim Jones” status for me. Apparently I’m a drinker, not a drinkee. This same site also told me that mathematically about 22 tweets a day seemed like a sweet spot for obtaining more followers.

I also found stats that there are approx. 50 million tweets a day or over 1 billion a month.

All I know is that I sometimes follow someone and then, reluctantly, have to unfollow them because they tweet a few hundred times a day. I don’t check Twitter every two minutes all day long, so that means I’m missing out on the tweets from other people that I also care about.

Sorry tweet freak. That’s too many tweets. You have been unfollowed. I guess I’ll have to re-learn how to live my life without you.

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