Daily Archives: April 23rd, 2010

The Peanut Vendor

No special reason, but let us have a Friday Mambo break! Here is the great Perez Prado, also known as The King of Mambo, with a little tune called “The Peanut Vendor.”

Good news and bad news – RAWR

First the good news: I just made a YouTube video where I completely and utterly own the IP (intellectual property) rights. It’s mine, all mine! Mwuhahahahaha!

What does that mean? Several things, actually.

Some douchebag lawyer in an office building can’t decide it infringes on anything and go whining to YouTube. And YouTube can’t give up a weak knee-jerk response and pull the damn thing down before they even stop to check what’s in it.

It also means that since I’m the content owner that the video won’t be restricted based on country. (What? There are people outside of the United States? Who knew!) It’s almost like we’re not even the only people who matter. So yes, even my friends who are not in country will be able to watch.

Another perk is that I can embed the damn thing as much as I want. Eat that, You Tube.

Gee, that’s a lot of +1 goodness.

Now for the bad news: The video is my cat craving an ice cube.

Bon Appétit!!!

Blog improv

Photograph Credit: Geoffrey Lee Martin and the National Science Foundation.

Hyppo and Critter will be back soon to continue their exploration of medical marijuana cards. (One night I scribbled out a bunch of strips in this particular series. I have at least four more to go.)

In the meantime…

I’ve decided to conduct a minor foray into the world of blogging improv. (Imagine a choir of angels singing as you read that word.)

Here is the idea: Everyone comment on this post. Your comment should consist of a random word. Later I shall return, pick a few of the words, combine them as only I can, and then become typewriter monkey extraordinaire for your viewing pleasure.

Then all you have to do is sit back, wait for the THX (the audience is reading) and enjoy the journey that results which will no doubt be odd.

What do you think? Lamest idea of all time, right? So who’s in? 🙂