Hyppo and Critter: The case of the missing cookies

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11 responses

  1. That cat had better watch out! I hear hippos with the munchies can be downright ravenous! 😆


  2. Love it! You are too funny!


  3. Hey I see you have a stumbleupon link here. Could you tell me how I can easily add it to my blog?


    1. I just learned how today courtesy of the awesome dude who runs the I Want Ice Water blog.

      This is what he sent me:

      The publish icons are easily added by way of the GetSocial Live! website. After you enter the title and permalink of your post, then select the button set you’d like, you simply click on the GetSocial! button. This generates the block of html code that you should copy and paste into the html editor for your post.

      I thought it was pretty easy. Good luck!

      Also, I see you blogged recently. I can’t wait to take a look! 🙂


      1. I think it’s only right to add that I learned how to do this through the help of other bloggers, those on the WordPress forums in particular. 😀


      2. Thanks. I’ve been looking for an all encompassing easy to implement widget for awhile now and this fits the bill perfectly.


  4. Did you really draw/make this cartoon??


    1. Yep. It’s exclusively from my brain. I think looking at it can cause irreparable damage. Caution is advised.

      I can’t take credit for drawing, though. Hyppo, Critter and even the marijuana leaf came from a web site called the Open Clip Art Library.


  5. Excellent to hear regarding the little icon thingies. 🙂

    And Steven, I loved the video. Good stuff! 🙂


  6. […] This gerbil inspired my series of medical marijuana cartoons and his brother was featured in my post Gerbil […]


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