A day in the life in the abyss

The camera crew visited here recently.
Click here to see what a typical day in the abyss looks like.
Warning: Contains two kinds of music. Country and Western!

5 responses

  1. Apparently people in my country are not good enough to watch.


    1. Oh noes! Add that to the growing list of my irritations with YouTube. I’ll see if I can find another source.

      Also, and I’m not kidding, I was just reading your blog while you wrote that. So blog twix or something. 🙂


    2. Try this. I have no idea if it is any better or not.


      I looked at YouTube and I see nothing visible to those of us on the user side about country restrictions and such. That might be helpful to us bloggers when we are trying to decide if we want to include a video or not.


  2. Since I’ve been out of action for a while, I hadn’t gotten around to figuring out how to work with the NEW YouTube. Apparently it’s worse than I thought.

    The T-Shirt was funny though. It reminded me of this one: That New T-Shirt. 😀


    1. Heh. That is a nice shirt.


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