Abyss 10k

Roger Houston, go at throttle up.

Just a few minutes ago this blog hit the 10,000 mark for “views” as reported by the built-in WordPress stats function.


I’d like to thank everyone who has ever read this blog. I couldn’t have done this without you. (Believe me, I tried, but the counter wouldn’t go up.)

This blog was officially launched on 09/24/2009 with a post about eating my candy with pork and beans. By my calculations it took 192.5 days to acheive the 10k mark, which works out to be about 52.0 views per day.

On average, that’s about 1,558 views a month. Of course, that’s not linear. The first few months averages much less than that and the most recent months have beaten that. And March 2010 was the best month ever by breaking 2,000 views.

Is any of that good? I have no idea. Did any of you keep track of your first 10k? How long did it take? I’d love to hear about your experiences about reaching 10k in the comments section below.

Some of you, like Catherine Sherman, show your views publicly on your blogs. Cathy’s blog says it has about 90,300 “hits” (which I assume are equivalent to “views”). So I guess I’m about one-ninth of the blogger she is. That sounds about right to me. πŸ™‚

Top 10 referrers of all-time:

  1. Google
  2. WordPress Dashboard
  3. funnyinshadows.wordpress.com
  4. unabridgedgirl.wordpress.com
  5. catherinesherman.wordpress.com
  6. melcarroll.blogspot.com
  7. blurts.wordpress.com/blogs-im-into
  8. doctorbeatnik.wordpress.com
  9. en.blog.wordpress.com
  10. smasherjane.wordpress.com

Top ten search phrases of all time:

  1. joaquin phoenix
  2. angry songs
  3. black taco
  4. shout abyss
  5. pixelization
  6. call of doody modern warfare 2
  7. christmas dice
  8. avatar vs star wars
  9. hoffisms
  10. feckless

I take a little bit of pride because I did this anonymously. I didn’t shop my link around to friends and family asking for clicks. I like think of my approach as earning my traffic solely based on the merits (or lack thereof) of my content. Most likely a meaningless and Pyrrhic victory (to say the least). πŸ™‚

Anyway, if you kept track regarding your first 10k I’d love any thoughts you’d be willing to share.

Next stop: One billion! Meh.

17 responses

  1. I started my blog on 1st Sept 2009 and I’m at about 20,000 views. That has been boosted somewhat by my blogs appearance on the WordPress homepage, when I got about 1000 views in one day. The rest of the total is probably made up visits from my mother πŸ™‚


    1. Wow. That is fantastic! That is about twice the views per day that I get. πŸ™‚

      I know I’m some of those. I enjoy your blog very much!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hey, you found me right after you started your blog when I somehow made it on the WordPress homepage because I used the word Surf. Who doesn’t love a surfer?

    You’ve have made great progress in the stats department. I don’t know how long it took me to reach 10,000 stats, maybe a YEAR! Now it’s taking AGES to reach 100,000. Maybe I should offer a prize to my 100,000th viewer? Of course, he or she would need to identify his or herself. You’ll get a prize no matter, Abyss, and it won’t be a black taco. Now, where shall I mail your prize, ha, ha!

    I’m glad I’m near the top of your referrers. Your fresh posts arrive daily in my inbox. I maybe viewing more of your blog than is even registering, so give yourself a hundred more stats from me and a big pat on the back!


    1. OK, I researched this. WordPress didn’t make it easy to answer a question like, “What was my first post on Catherine’s blog?” Seems like they could give some kind of database query tool to help with that. πŸ™‚

      You’re right, though. It was the “Surf’s Up” post.

      I wrote:

      Now I don’t have to make the trip. I feel like I already have through your posting. Thanks for saving me money!

      That was on October 16, 2009, less than a month after I started my blog. I’d say that makes you a ground floor friend of the abyss! πŸ™‚


      1. I like it on the ground floor! I have a fear of heights. Here’s my card to you. I’m hooked on these little things! Maybe because they are so easy.


  3. Congrats on reaching 10K!! I fondly remember when I reached the 10,000 mark – I also blogged about it! http://myblip.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/10k-a-lot-happens-in-a-year-a-shout-out/
    I think it took about 9 months for me..

    My Top One referrer is:
    Cut the B*tches Off – cutthebtchesoff.blogspot.com – and to that I add a heehee!

    I think it’s awesome that you did it all anonymously – that is so much harder! I really don’t think I’d have the total page views that I have now if it weren’t for having linked my blog to Facebook.

    You must have been born to blog! Congrats again!


    1. Awesome! That’s exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. I’m going to read your 10k entry now…

      In all modesty I think anonymity does add a degree of difficulty. Of course so does being completely devoid of talent and interesting things to say! πŸ™‚


      1. You actually commented on it, way back when! πŸ™‚


      2. To Teri: I see that I did. I have a keen eye for the good stuff! πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks for the card, Cathy! And I didn’t get you anything!

    Good thing I’m vegetarian now. πŸ™‚


  5. i’m officially over the 50k mark after one year, but that number happened because of about 6 appearances on the wordpress.com home page, an insanely gratuitous effort to have my blog featured on a major website (ahem pioneerwoman) and the luck of a photo I took of an auburn player using an on-field porta-potty (13k hits in one day) with links from major websites like edbs.com and rivals.yahoo.com. and yes, i’m still pimping my stinking little site out anyway i can. oh and my mother in law reads my blog religiously.

    BUT…for you, not having pimped out your blog, just know that your writing is what brings people back…again and again. that, in and of itself is something to be proud of.


  6. Thanks, Katie! 50k in one year sounds remarkable!

    I should try some of that stuff. But methinks my kind of stylings are not the sort to be featured on anything like a “home page,” whatever that is. But I’ve known people who have tasted that glory. πŸ™‚


    1. honestly, i still have no clue how or why sites get featured as “freshly pressed”. i’m convinced that it has to do with the photos on blogs. i say post more photos..big ones at that. and if you get featured, expect an extra 1000 hits that day.


      1. I can’t figure it out either. The time I made it, it was for something I didn’t think was at all noteworthy. Some blogs seem to make it all the time…there’s the blog that does a Friday puzzle, it makes it nearly weekly.


  7. Congrats man, I enjoy what you do here and marvel at how much good stuff you get out every week.

    I’m with you on the anonymous thing, it is a little more of a challenge, but then it lets you write about whatever you want, which is cool.


  8. I think Katie O was right about photos helping you get on the WordPress homepage. Both times I was on there my posts had funny or “cute” photos. The first post was just two photos and not much writing, one photo of our pet lamb sitting on the sun lounger in the garden, and one of our cat curled up in the bottom of the wardrobe. The other post was photos of our geese at various ages. I guess both posts had the “Awwwww” factor, and thats why they were chosen.


  9. Yes, I think you’re all correct. The big time photo seems to be an important aspect to landing a blog post on the WordPress home page.

    I had previously attempted that in my post about exploring the spontaneous beauty of local artists but it didn’t work.



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