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Lady BlaBla has lost it

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=lady+gaga&iid=8146355″ src=”d/d/a/8/Lady_GaGa_performs_6044.jpg?adImageId=11218291&imageId=8146355″ width=”234″ height=”165″ /]

First things first. She is no “lady.” But she certainly is “GaGa.”

Her new music video “Telephone” came out today. It’s over nine minutes long. The scene is a women’s prison. The video gives writing credits to GaGa so I can only assume that’s a women’s prison from her own private fantasies. TMI!

If you can stomach the video long enough you’ll see a scene of GaGa wearing sunglasses made out of lit cigarettes kissing a fellow prison bitch.

I have to admit, just like watching a train wreck, it can be hard to look away.

Let’s see here. Hmm. Making out with a woman? Check. Sunglasses made out of lit cigarettes? Check. The most all nude footage that’s probably ever been seen in a music video? Check.

Methinks someone is trying to be shocking.

I find myself feeling actual embarrassment for GaGa. Trust me, that is not an easy thing to accomplish.

All that tells me is that, just like her predecessors Madonna and Britney Spears, Gaga is using sex and provocation as a way to compensate for a lack of actual singing talent.

Carefully evaluate GaGa’s work for skin content and sluttiness. Those are excellent indicators of talent.

Bring on more Christina Aguilera. You know, someone with real talent who can actually sing. I personally can’t wait for GaGa to get on to the lame “I used to be somebody” phase of her career, again, just like Madonna and Britney Spears. Something tells me the process gets accelerated each time around. GaGa’s turn in the barrel may be the shortest yet.

Let’s chat

Here’s a little instant chat transcript between me and an associate (codenamed “Xi”) the other day. You must start by reviewing the link that prompted the following exchange…

Me: link
Xi: that is class
Xi: why do they care so much if you’re on your cell phone
Me: personally i’d guess because it’s rude as hell to relate to another human being (like during a commerce transaction) with one of those things pressed against your face. that’s just my guess, though. 🙂
Xi: and personally I don’t care what anyone at the counter thinks- If I have to call my baby sitter and tell them I”m running late, who are you (as in the counterman) to be offended for my parenting.
Xi: or been on hold with cable company for 45 minutes, Im not about to hang up for the counterman!
Me: hey you set me up 🙂
Xi: lol
Me: and i fell into it
Xi: i just dont understand why people care so much. they want to feel special, they want to feel like humans- give me a break we all have lives, including them!!
Me: i disagree. i do not have a life.
Xi: yes you do!
Me: i have reflected on what you said and i think you have a good point. i will revise my opinion to “generally” it’s rude. there may be times, however, when there is a good reason.
Xi: ty
Xi: lol
Xi: you never know- your friend just walked in on her husband cheating and she calls you in histarics. Is it more rude to ask her if you can call her back so you can order your latte?
Me: if i was given a once-in-a-lifetime chance at a time machine and a sniper rifle, alexander bell would be a serious contender for primary target.
Xi: or just cover the phone and say “1 grande latte with soy- sorry”
Xi: lol
Me: i will think about that point
Xi: i would rather hurt a strangers feelings than my friends