Google loses relevance

Google, I have a serious question for you:

Why are you wasting my fucking time?

I don’t really have an answer to that, but my guess is that it has something to do with money. Doesn’t everything?

Don’t get me wrong. I like Google. I prefer it to Bing, which is inane on many levels. But lately I’m noticing some cracks in Google.

Today my particular beef centers around a simple multi-word search phrase. In this case, the phrase contains three words.

It is my understanding that Google performs “and” searches. For example, you want term #1 and term #2 and term #3. In other words, you want results that contain all three words. That seems pretty simple, right?

You can even go to Google’s “advanced search” and it Google spells it out for you there: “Find web pages that have all these words.

So why doesn’t it fucking work?

I came home from work today energized and ready to go on my next exciting blog post. It’s going to be about a serious topic of great social importance. After only a minute at the computer, though, I found myself feeling frustrated and dealing with search engine crap rather than spewing text about the topic at hand. I quickly deflated and my enthusiasm was gone. Google had stolen it.

I did my three-word search phrase and what did I get? Here are the top three results:

  1. A lame ass scraper site. You have got to be kidding me!
  2. A commercial web page that didn’t even contain term #1 – at all! I even checked the page source. Nope, my term was not there. This one just floors me.
  3. A “links” web page hosted on a college web site where my search terms were not even the primary focus of the page. There was a connection but it was a minor one.

Where are the relevant results, Google? Where did they go? I mean, isn’t that the single most imporant thing about Google? Isn’t that what you do?

By the way, Google. Out of curiosity I went and tried my humble little phrase in Bing. The results kicked your ass in relevance. I think I’m going to be sick …


5 responses

  1. Hahahahaha! Sorry, but I read this on my phone and was cracking up at the grocery store. I had the same sort of experience and was so annoyed at google! But, now I feel such relief cuz you said all I needed to say! Ha. Great minds think alike, huh? 😉


    1. Nadia, you are rapidly moving up my list. We think alike and you read my blog in the grocery store? You had me at, “Hahahahaha!”



      1. You’re post rate far above anything at the grocery store counter! So, yeah…I read my blogs when I can! We do think alike, huh? Scary. But ohh, so cool!


  2. Scary? For you, maybe. 😉


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