Health reform not a priority?

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  1. Did Kaiser ask the other 42 percent why they wouldn’t be disappointed or angry?


  2. I don’t have an answer to that question. However, I dug into the data and found this:

    Which would you say comes closest to how you would feel if Congress decided to STOP work on health care reform and doesn’t pass a law this year: Would you say you will feel …

    Disappointed 38%
    Relieved 24%
    Angry 20%
    Happy 14%
    All/None/Other 3%
    Don’t Know/Refused 2%


  3. Yep! It sticks out too far to the right. No way I can click on it now! :p

    OK, actually I can’t make either one work. I’m trying to fix.


  4. Here is your link all fixed up and shiznit:

    CNN Video


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